Created specifically for B2B ecommerce, Virto Commerce is the premier ecommerce vendor for B2B companies.

Virto Commerce’s platform is truly optimized to seamlessly handle the complexities of B2B ecommerce, while offering customers a streamlined B2C like experience.

Our B2B focus and experience means we understand how to solve the challenges B2B vendors face when it comes to selling online and the complexities that come along with B2B, such as multi vendor catalogs, custom quote negotiation, and pricing tiers. Virto Commerce’s platform provides powerful enterprise-class features right out-of-the-box and gives you the flexibility to create your own unique B2B solution while utilizing agile principles.

Virto Commerce is your long term ecommerce partner. We develop new features for you as you need them – customizing to your exact business need as we go on your ecommerce journey together. We do provide out of the box features such as multiple store management, advanced promotion engines, dynamic content, as well as advanced product and price management are just a few of the tools at your fingertips with Virto Commerce. With the ability of full customization, you'll be able to achieve your unique business needs, ultimately increasing your online revenue.

Key features Readily Available for B2B companies

CATALOG & PRODUCT IMPLEMENTATION CATALOGS. Our ecommerce platform provides sophisticated catalog management capabilities making it simple and elegant to manage even the most complex B2C and B2B product lists. Using Virto Commerce you can:

  • Manage digital and physical products using flexible properties structures. Virto Commerce catalog can be configured to handle all your catalog information, or integrated with 3rd party PIM or CMS solutions.
  • Configure all digital assets to be stored in popular Content Distribution Networks (CDN).
  • Go Global. Virto Commerce supports multiple catalogs, languages, taxes and storefronts.

CLOUD BASED ARCHITECTURE. Virto Commerce is powered in the cloud, enabling your business to eliminate infrastructural limitations that hinder business growth. Being based in the cloud offers a multitude of benefits including:

  • Seamless upgrades & low maintenance time
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower costs – use money saved to grow your business
  • Simple deployment
  • Extensibility
  • Enhanced security – ensure customer data is stored safely

Virto Commerce is Open Source. Virto Commerce’s platform allows you limitless access to modify the platform’s code, giving your team endless creative freedom to configure your B2B website to meet your exact specifications. Other benefits that come along with leveraging the power of an open source solution:

  • Empower highly customized B2B store fronts by downloading the code and customize the platform yourself.
  • Join the Virto Commerce community of developers (link) and implementation partners (link) and tap into their ecommerce expertise

View case studies to see how Virto Commerce has solved leading B2B companies’ ecommerce challenges:

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