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The best e-commerce platform for mid-market organizations
Mid-market companies already have high and constantly growing business complexity - close to enterprises – however, they do not have enterprise-scale budgets. In terms of e-commerce, all projects should be highly results-focused, provide excellent ROI, and still deliver a reliable basis for further growth.

The main e-commerce challenges for mid-market companies

  1. Lack of required in-depth expertise in e-commerce. Mid-market companies are in the midst of a human resources transformation when the universal specialists’ expertise is no longer sufficient to satisfy the business complexity and the company still does not have the opportunity to hire people with the required in-depth business and technical e-commerce expertise.

  2. Inflexible solutions do not allow you to change direction quickly and easily. Inflexible multi-tenant, closed-code solutions or software with monolithic architecture make it impossible to grow long term with the velocity needed to expand your business. Changes are becoming more expensive or impossible, and involve more risks, so each new improvement takes more time to deliver.

  3. A predictable implementation budget is crucial. Having a predictable budget for e-commerce implementation projects is critical for mid-market companies. It is highly desirable to keep control over the progress of the implementation and the roadmap and to regularly evaluate the value of desired features and spend money on the most valuable ones.

Risks during implementation e-commerce for mid-market companies

Selecting a solution, that does not fit and struggling with the quality of the implementation
The company cannot follow the pace of the market and loses opportunities
When a project goes over budget, companies sacrifice other valuable investments to continue

To carry out large-scale e-commerce projects properly, it is essential to attract e-commerce professionals. The lack of e-commerce expertise often leads to a solution that does not suit the business. The lack of experience in planning and execution of agile implementation projects leads to long, unpredictable projects, lost funds, and, as a result - a very slow ROI.

When software becomes an inhibitor rather than a solution, the mid-market company loses a significant advantage, which helps to win larger competitors – the speed of change. As a result, a company loses more and more market opportunities, cannot implement its strategy with the required velocity, and cannot act proactively - because of a low platform adoption speed.

Implementation budgets are often tight, and mid-market companies do not easily have resources available (free cash flow). It means that every time the project goes over budget, management should either freeze the project until the budget is available or sacrifice other investments to allow the project to continue. Both decisions are painful decisions which slow down a company's growth.

We are a fast-growing business, so we need a platform that would not only allow us to expand but also keep up with the ever-growing needs and demands of our sales strategies. Virto Commerce definitely ticks those boxes being easily scalable and extremely flexible. By switching to this solution, we are adopting technologies that will allow us to add new channels easily and customize the product catalog for each of them while keeping track of the overall sales and assortment.

How does Virto Commerce resolve these risks?

Virto Commerce finds the proper implementation partner and guarantees quality

The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to mitigate risks by running a sequence of small projects

An agile approach allows budget risks to be minimized

Finding an experienced implementation partner is an excellent way to resolve the lack of in-depth e-commerce expertise. Finding an experienced and reliable partner would be the ideal solution.

Virto Commerce company pays much attention to its partners. Having experience custom implementation ourselves, we understand that the quality of our partners is crucial. We take responsibility for finding a trustable implementation partner or we can train your trusted provider to work with Virto Commerce and delegate our experts to facilitate your project.

Virto Commerce's solution is designed to facilitate an agile approach to the implementation of the e-commerce platform. A customizable and extensible platform and modular architecture make it possible to start implementation with small projects, aimed at adding new functions, processes, regions and then proceed by step-by-step extension of the solution with fast release cycles.

Small projects allow you to start seeing ROI fast quickly, and they do not require you to sacrifice other investments to start implementation. Small projects also mean that the budget risk is low, and it wouldn't be a big struggle to ensure a project goes live.

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