B2C online shop for retail

The only way to deliver a unique customer experience over the long term is to grow your own e-commerce solution on top of a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform.

Why retailers choose Virto Commerce B2C Webshop?

Start delivering a unique user experience within 3 months and continue to improve your digital business without any restrictions. 
Reliable basis for rapid expansion
Open new markets and audiences by using multi-channel, multi-store, multi-language, and multi-currency online shop.
True omnichannel experience for your customers
Virto Commerce is designed to deliver an omnichannel experience to your customers, eliminating the gaps between offline and all kinds of online channels.
Trusted by enterprises around the world
B2C Webshops based on the Virto Commerce platform are used by enterprises and fast-growing medium-sized retailers around the world.

The entire multichannel retailer e-commerce suite on top of one back-end

No data duplication, no additional licenses, same back-end to support, unlimited freedom

Out-of-the-box integration with the best search solutions on the market including  Elastic Search and Azure Search.

Design unique multi-channel UX for your customers
Design unique multi-channel UX for your customers
Multichannel Virto Commerce cloud-native B2C Webshop makes it possible to create an absolutely unique customer journey for your clients due to the native storefront, integration with CMS, chatbot or other touchpoints.
Rich e-commerce feature set
Rich e-commerce feature set
Digital catalog, cart, orders, accounts, pricing, inventory, marketing, promotions, subscriptions, quotes and everything you need to build a unique e-commerce solution on top of it.
Integrate easily with any business software
Integrate easily with any business software
An API-based platform makes possible to integrate the B2C online shop easily with any ERP (SAP, Dynamics AX, Sage...), AI services, payment systems, and other third-party providers.

Discover how Virto Commerce solves online retail challenges

The main features of the Virto Commerce B2B2C Webshop for distributors

Integrated with best-in-breed search engines
Out-of-the-box integration with the best search solutions on the market, including  Elastic Search and Azure Search.
Checkout, order and stock management
Creating order drafts, submitting orders, reordering, submitting quotes and real-time access to order status make everything 100% transparent for your customers.
Multiple options for up-sell and cross-sell technologies, including flexible management of products association lists and integration with AI recommendation services.
Flexible pricing and marketing
Offers customized pricing rules of any complexity for different audiences, so that every segment could get its own products, prices and promotions.
B2B specific functional features
B2B features such as account-based pricing and marketing, flexible role-based management, customized or contract-based access to products and services create room for opening new market niches.
Personal cabinet and history
All business data is available for users in the cabinet: orders and payment statuses and history, shipment addresses, wish lists and so on.
Personalized digital catalog management
Rich digital catalog management functionality with flexible taxonomy and personalized availability can be easily integrated with ERP, external catalogs or an enterprise PIM engine.
Integrate with external catalogs
External digital catalogs allow you to drastically extend the assortment available for your customers, test new suppliers, products and markets.
API integration with external online marketplaces
Direct API integration with online marketplaces makes it possible to explore new market niches.

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