B2B Online Marketplace

Accelerate your digital business with multi-vendor online marketplace platform built for B2B and B2C.

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Expand Your Market Reach and Unlock New Revenue Streams with Virto Marketplace

Multi-Channel Complex Scenarios

Provide any B2B or B2C scenario of any complexity in web, mobile, through chat bots to your sellers and buyers.

B2C-like Customer Experience

Differentiate your business with unique B2C-like customer experience and build your community of buyers and sellers.

Standalone Marketplace

Add Virto Marketplace to any ecommerce platform that you already have and enjoy highly scalable marketplace solution of your own.

A Few Words From Our Clients

Solve Commerce Relationships of Any Complexity

Three Reasons to Invest in Your Enterprise Marketplace

Improve Efficiency & Cut Costs

Let your buyers meet the sellers on the same Virto-powered platform, and make the information flow more streamlined and transparent, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing costs for purchasing.

Ensure Business Growth

Unlock a new revenue stream by adding marketplace solution to your digital channel portfolio. Enrich your product offerings by leveraging new vendors and dropshippers.

Improve Customer Experience

Gain competitive advantage by providing B2C-like shopping experience to your customers and partners. Increase the transaction volume and usage in your marketplace by offering a better experience.

Virto Commerce Use Cases

Marketplace for goods

Manage seller onboarding, product listing, fund collection and disbursement so sellers can easily manage their stores, customers, orders and financials.

Marketplace for services

Seamlessly onboard contractors and service providers and offer your customers the right service with the right price at the right time.

Marketplace for B2C ecommerce

Provide added value to customers by offering competitive pricing, expanded catalogs, and customized service.

Marketplace for B2B procurement

Offer business-buyers a seamless experience with features like account-based pricing, distributed order management, split-shipping, and more.

Virto Marketplace Features

Launch your online marketplace today with with features built for B2B eCommerce opertaions:
  • Personalized Digital Catalog Management
Rich digital catalog management functionality with flexible taxonomy and personalized availability that can be easily integrated with ERP, external catalogs or an enterprise PIM engine.
  • Checkout, Order and Stock Management
Creating order drafts, submitting orders, reordering, submitting quotes and real-time access to order status makes everything 100% transparent for your customers.
  • Merchandising
Multiple options for up-sell and cross-sell technologies including flexible management of products association lists and integration with AI recommendation services.
  • Integrated with Best-In-Breed Search Engines
Out-of-the-box integration with the best search solutions on the market including Elastic Search and Azure Search.
  • Pricing and Marketing for B2B and B2C Scenarios
Offers customized pricing rules of any complexity for purchasing companies, so that every user of the company concerned can see their own products, prices and promotions.
  • API Integrations for Your Sellers and Buyers
Absolute freedom in API integrations allows that any function available in the marketplace is available through API: catalog, price, promotions, customer management, merchandising, ordering etc.
  • B2B Specific Scenarios
Account-based pricing and marketing, flexible role-based management, customized or contract-based access to products and services, full access to business data in the cabinet.
  • B2C Specific User Scenarios
Anonymous user checkout, public-use coupons​, subscriptions, social login, split shipments and other B2C specific features required to make your marketplace works as a proper retail solution.
Standaard Boekhandel's Success Story with Virto Marketplace: Digital Transformation of Belgium's Largest Books Seller
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Standaard Boekhandel

Grow and Expand Your Digital Channels with Virto Marketplace

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