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Challenges of Startup Companies

Out-Of-the Box Solutions Don’t Fit Startups

Startups aim to break an existing business model based on either new technology or new business approaches. Since startups do new and creative things via e-commerce, they face a challenge: inflexible out-of-the-box solutions do not fit innovative models by design, and they are too expensive for an MVP. 

Licensing Does Not Fit Many Startup Business Models

Traditional licensing is another challenge. Traditional licensing models are structured for conventional business models and practices, but not for companies with disruptive business models.

It Is Challenging to Find Qualified Experts to Build Your MVP Fast

Startup MVPs are about minimizing time and costs. It is necessary to find a reliable ecommerce partner who will and can handle these risks: help to define the MVP scope accurately so that your business model will be implemented as cost-effectively as possible and delivered in a timely manner.

How Does Virto Commerce Solve the Risks for Startups

Fast MVP

Virto Commerce has extensive successful experience in facilitating startup MVPs and we share our experience (both technical and management) with our partners and customers.

Attention to Partners

Our partners, together with Virto Commerce, help startups solve the expertise issues they face. We help our clients to select the right implementation partner and engage our experts when needed to guarantee a successful project.

Startup Licensing Models

Based on our experience with startups, we realize the license-related challenges startups face. Being a market disruptor ourselves, we respect and facilitate market disruptors. That is why we developed specific licensing models that fit startups and companies who are introducing new disruptive business models and practices into the e-commerce market.

Extensible Platform

Thanks to our customizable and extensible platform and modular architecture, the Virto Commerce platform is designed to be adaptive and flexible. We provide enablers for building up a solution of any complexity on top of the platform with minimal time, costs and risks.
Startup Success Stories
estate spain

Estate Spain


Estate Spain used Virto Commerce's scalable and flexible platform to build an online real estate website in three months! This to meet an unmet need of a specific Russian speaking audience to search, view, and buy property in Spain.

NoA Ignite

NoA Ignite


How did NoA Ignite and Virto Commerce digitized the process of ordering clothes for a huge event in only 5 weeks? Find out more by reading our latest case study.

De Klok Dranken

De Klok Dranken


To provide an enhanced and rich customer experience, De Klok Dranken wanted a future-proof, flexible and scalable platform with robust capabilities without limitations within its long-term vision and strategy. Curious how?

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