Virto Commerce cloud-native Vendor Portal for retail

The only way to deliver a unique customer experience over the long term is to grow your own e-commerce solution on top of a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform

Why do retailers choose Virto Commerce Vendor Portal?

Virto Commerce Vendor Portal for retail is the next step to digital commerce connectivity.
Increase conversion due to perfect product information and assets
Vendors are interested in delivering complete and up-to-date information about their products and want to create perfect images and videos to let your customers buy their products. Let your vendors increase the conversion.
Delegating product information management results in cost saving
Product information management is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Virto Commerce Vendor Portal makes it possible to delegate it to vendors or to external contractors.
100% up-to-date product data through seamless integration with vendors
As an API-based cloud-native enterprise e-commerce platform, Virto Commerce offers absolute out-of-the-box flexibility and total freedom of integration with any vendor software to ensure absolutely seamless information flows.

The entire multi-channel retailer e-commerce suite on top of one back-end

No data duplication, no additional licenses, same back-end to support, unlimited freedom

Everything for retailers to run a scalable enterprise e-commerce Vendor Portal

Delegate product data management to vendors

Ability to delegate any function that your employees can perform to vendors. Possibility to restrict your vendor with a variety of objects and actions he is authorized to work with.

Delegate taxonomy management to vendors

Ability to restricted taxonomy management allows your vendors to deliver the best product information quality is available to your customers.

Direct connectivity for vendors

Virto Commerce allows your suppliers to connect directly via API and gain access to functions you wish to delegate: managing products, pricing, inventory, etc.

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The main features of the Virto Commerce Vendor Portal

Flexible access management for everything

Configure detailed permissions for each group of vendors on catalog, category, product and action.

Allow the vendor's users to manage products

Vendor can add, remove or update products according to its permissions.

Allow the vendor's users to manage categories

Vendor can get permission to manage the taxonomy: add, remove or update categories based on permissions.

Integrate with external catalogs

External digital catalogs allow you to drastically extend the assortment available for your customers, test new suppliers, products and markets.

Supply chain managers and support friendly

You can always check a log history or just log in on behalf of a vendor's user, see what he sees and solve the problem or just help make an order.

Access to merchandising for vendor's users

Vendor's users may be given permission to manage merchandising lists related to their products: frequently bought together, up-sell and cross-sell lists and so on.

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