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All startups have a choice - should you use an existing ecommerce solution or design and develop one on your own? It often seems that using an in house solution will be better for your MVP,  but that using out-of-the-box solutions will bring you to market faster.  

  • Out of the Box ecommerce solutions are readily available, but they won't meet your requirements in delivering a complicated business model
  • Startups with innovative business models don't always fit traditional licensing models
  • It's hard to find qualified ecommerce experts with deep experience who can get you to market quickly
  • If you take what looks to be the easy path - selecting an out-of-the-box (and inflexible) platform, you will need to re-build your ecommerce solution every time your business changes.  Starting a business is unpredictable - you don't know what lies ahead.  Picking a flexible solution now that can grow with you ensures that your team can focus on business evolution, not finding a new ecommerce solution. 
  • Some startups consider building their own solutions.  Building an ecommerce platform requires a technology company within your business.  This creates additional risks of being dependant on your internal technical specialists.  

Virto Commerce's platform is designed to be flexible, enabling quick delivery of any functions you need, regardless of their complexity.  Explore the benefits of a solution built on Virto Commerce. 

Modular Architecture

With a customizable and extensible platform, the Virto Commerce platform is designed to be adoptive and flexible.  We don't aim to deliver out-of-the-box features, because we know the only constant in ecommerce is change.  We are focused on architectural excellence and doing the core critical things right, delivering functional enablers which allow you to build custom functionality with a minimum investment and risks. 

Flexible License Model

Based on our experience with startups, we understand the license related challenges startups face.  Market disruptors ourselves, we respect and facilitate disruptive companies.  That is why we developed specific licensing models to fit companies who aim to bring new business models to the ecommerce market.  

Expert Partners

Our partners, together with Virto Commerce, help startups get past their lack of experience.  We help our clients select the right implementation partners.  We know the quality of our partners is critical for our customers, so we only work with a group of hand selected partners who have been through our on-boarding process.  All of our partners have completed multiple successful implementations of Virto Commerce.  

Speak with our ecommerce experts today to learn how Virto Commerce can give your business an edge over your competitors. 

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