Introduction to Virto Commerce - Virto Commerce 1.13 User Guide

Virto Commerce is a flexible ecommerce framework with customized services and a wide-range feature set. Virto Commerce provides full access to source code in order to design custom features, integrate with any third party system, and maintain internal control. This open approach gives companies the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement their custom ecommerce solution.

The Virto Commerce includes the Commerce manager (server and special client application) and Storefronts (the website where customers do the shopping).

With the help of the Commerce Manager client, administrative users adjust system settings, such as search engine optimization, user accounts, payment gateways and system configuration parameters. Customer Service Representatives (CSR) use Commerce Manager client to manage customer orders and requests.

The Storefront is the website where customers shop for the products that are offered through the Commerce Manager client.

For the detailed descriptions of the platform components please refer to the Developer Guide and Installation and Deployment Guide.

Last update: June 18, 2020