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B2B eCommerce Platform

Outstandingly flexible and fully composable B2B eCommerce Platform that solves it all.

B2B First eCommerce Platform

⟶ Unique CX

A unique, highly tailored customer experience (CX) might become a significant advantage to beat any competitor, even with a larger market presence and budget. Choose Virto Commerce headless, API-driven platform to build such a unique CX.

⟶ New digital revenue source

Entrepreneurs ourselves, we constantly develop our .NET Core platform offering the flexibility, scalability and agility for building new revenue sources like online stores, B2B portals, mobile apps, chatbots or any other touchpoints.

⟶ Efficiency with high ROI

Use Virto Commerce B2B ecommerce platform as a transformational force to reimagine how to do business, identify new markets and deploy resources more efficiently for higher ROI. Strive for online business when you win while the client wins as well.

Your long-term digital commerce partner

Virto Commerce is more than just software - when using it, you will be supported by our Virto Commerce team of experts, our global network of partners and a suite of value-added services to ensure your solution is a success.

Outstanding partner community
Worldwide network of certified implementation partners to fit every project.
Expert services
Virto Commerce experts are at your disposal offering unique digital commerce knowledge.
Tech Community & App Store
Explore our growing App Store of extensions and themes to customize your solution.

Download B2B eCommerce Platform Architecture Guidelines
Get a full understanding on how Virto Commerce platform is designed

Unlock new sources of digital revenue

Focus on fast unlocking new sources of digital revenue with Virto Commerce. Build an unlimited amount of B2B, B2C, D2C channels with unique business scenarios on the same back end. Easily integrate your current ecommerce modules and best-of-breed components from the market with Virto Commerce.

Build a unique mobile experience

Adding a mobile channel connects your customers with a unique mobile customer experience, consistent with the web experience.

Unlock digital wholesale (B2B)

Build a B2B channel with complicated business logic on top of your e-commerce solution without re-platforming or data duplication.

Sell directly to consumers (D2C)

Connect directly to your end consumers, get new revenue by selling directly to them. Know your customers, communicate, and influence them.

Connect to multiple marketplaces

Adjust your approach to different target markets and touchpoints with the flexibility of headless ecommerce and microservices.

Why choose Virto commerce B2B ecommerce platform?

Platform for business leaders

Enable flexible and modular free-to-choice business scenarios and unique customer experience that a retailer or wholesaler would like to make available to customers.  


Add new channels to any market segment and region, specific audiences or brand consumers with a variety of touchpoints.  


Reach out the comprehensive out of box B2B ecommerce functionality that will work for the future of your business for many years to come.

Platform for technical excellence

Run a scalable enterprise ecommerce platform and get the most out of advanced high-load ASP.NET Core solution. 


Enjoy headless,microservices and modularity features. Integrate your existing back end, best-to-breed third party applications with Virto Commerce modules easily. 


Speed up your system with easy to install updates without the headache of testing all the patches your developers have done before.

Customers about Virto Commerce

According to clients' feedback, they consider Virto Commerce as a perfect replacement for the existing ecommerce solutions to bring over limits’ functionality and infinitive customer experience.

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