Standaard Boekhandel Case Study

Standaard Boekhandel: Towards a Mature eCommerce Platform

Discover how Belgium’s largest book seller, embarked on a digital transformation process to overcome their commerce limitations with the support of Delaware.

Standaard Boekhandel: Towards a Mature eCommerce Platform
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Standaard Boekhandel is a large Belgian bookstore chain of approximately 150 stores and 15 million products. In addition to selling millions of books, the company sells stationery, music, games, gifts, and toys. Standaard Boekhandel acquired their counterpart, called Club in Wallonia, adding another 50 stores to their business. Yearly revenue of the company is about 200 million euros.
Standaard Boekhandel challenges
To deliver a best-in-class customer experience, Standaard Boekhandel needed to align both online and offline ordering across different brands with every product being tied to a unique stock location while making sure the various systems integrate into a seamless omnichannel experience.
Standaard Boekhandel solutions
Standard Boekhandel chose to replatform to Virto Commerce as their previous e-commerce tool no longer met expectations. The new features enable them to extend their product offerings, integrate efficiently with different channels, and improve search functionality for their brands.
Standaard Boekhandel results
A more flexible and stable platform capable of processing the product catalog of more than 15 million products and customer orders in 200+ fulfillment centers while handling complex pricing models varying from product types and distribution channels.
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We chose Virto Commerce as the new platform for Standaard Boekhandel because it is the only e-commerce platform that has the customizability and flexibility that we need. We migrated off of another platform, and now with Virto Commerce we are able to quickly update products, stock, and metadata – without the limits we experienced before.

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Virto Commerce is a highly scalable e-commerce platform, providing the flexibility to easily create your own unique solution.

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