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Frequently asked questions

  • Is the source code provided? Yes, complete source code of Virto Commerce can be accessed from our repository.
  • How do I request for a demo? We'd love to demo our awesome platform for you! Please fill out the form on this page and include a note that you'd love to have a demo, its as simple as that! Or if you prefer, you can also email us at and we'll be right on it.
  • What is Cloud Edition? Cloud edition is a unique service we offer that allow our customers to focus on developing business features while our experienced engineers handle code and architecture validation, product code merges in your source repository, deployments to production and much more.
  • Can I use Community Edition? Community edition can only be used for sites or businesses that generate less than 1 million USD gross annual revenue. Sites running community edition must have "powered by link" in the layout which displays a link to
  • How do I remove "powered by link" while using Community Edition? You will need to get our production deployment community license. Please fill the form on this page and make sure to complete information about your company and website domain you want to use for community license.
  • Windows Azure
  • Elasticsearch
  • Microsoft.NET
  • CSS 3, HTML 5, Jquery, Bootstrap
  • Angular JS