Virto Atomic Architecture™

Assemble Your Scalable eCommerce Solution by selecting ready-to-use modules that serve all your digital needs.
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Atomic Architecture™ Intuition

Virto Atomic Architecture

Assemble Your Scalable eCommerce Solution

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Core capabilities and design patterns.


example: Events, SSO, etc.

Molecules icon

Group business logic functions together as a single-responsibility unit. The cell has its API and can have its storage, like a database.


example: Catalog, Pricing, etc.

Cells icon

High performance, scalable unit with a set of cells that are consolidated into one package to resolve business cases.


example: Digital Catalog, Order, etc.

Organisms icon

Combines cells and client applications to deliver complete business value.


example: B2B Solution, Marketplace, etc.

Atomic Architecture™ Use Cases

Ability to mix and match components
Custom solution development is accomplished without changes to the source code, allowing the replacement of existing modules, subsystems, or extensions of current functionality.
Fast development and onboarding
Rapidly apply ecommerce innovation, flexibility, and scalability to your enterprise and enroll applications developed by your team and implementation partners.
Easier updates and solution recomposing
The traceable instances of the components at any level significantly reduce the cost of platform ownership throughout their life cycle, in conformance with a clean architecture.
Effective teamwork
The logical and simple-to-use architecture allows us to reuse software and integrate the collective work of the IT teams from Virto, the implementation partners, and our customers.
Ready for B2B scenarios
Virto’s collection of business scenarios represents our vast experience with B2B projects, bringing a rich ecommerce functionality and covering common business scenarios.

Virto Atomic Architecture™ Diagram

Virto Atomic Architecture Diagram

Virto Architectural Guidelines

Our team of experts has been hard at work to bring you the latest and greatest version of Virto Architectural Guidelines. Download these free guidelines for an in-depth technical look at how our platform is designed.

Atomic Architecture™ Business Benefits

Faster Innovations
With Virto Atomic Architecture™ you can create new solutions on top of existing modules, do rapid solution prototyping and test your ideas faster.
Speed to Market
Create your new ecommerce solutions by using and assembling pre-existing modules. If you need new capabilities in your solution, reuse, add, or re-purpose the modules by Virto team and Partners.
Increased Cost Efficiency
Use only the elements that are necessary for your eCommerce solution. Moreover, you can reuse and re-purpose all the components that you already have.
Outpace The Competition
Outmaneuver competition with the flexibility and speed needed to rapidly adjust to customer and market needs.
Faster Onboarding
With Virto Atomic Architecture™ principles it is easier to explain the codebase to the new members of the development team during the time of creation and in the future.

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