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Enhance transactions efficiency and regulatory compliance with Virto Commerce – an all-in-one, secure B2B pharmaceutical marketplace and ecommerce management platform.

Digital Commerce for Pharmacy Industry


Seamless eCommerce experience for manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, and HCPs


Fast and reliable distribution is the backbone of any pharmaceutical company and its supply chain. However, outdated distribution channels, cumbersome paperwork and fragmented systems can hinder your progress and delay critical medicines from reaching those who need them most.

Accelerate your distribution with Virto Commerce, an industry-standard ecommerce and B2B pharma marketplace management platform designed to facilitate the online ordering, management and transaction processes between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their customers — pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare providers.


One Platform. Multiple Applications


Virto Commerce serves as a secure, scalable hub for all your B2B pharmaceutical ecommerce needs, empowering your teams to focus on what is crucial, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or a group purchasing organization.

1. Pharmaceutical Marketplace for Multiple Vendors

Bring multiple manufacturers and distributors under one roof to streamline procurement of pharmaceutical products for healthcare providers.

2. Direct Sales Portal for Pharma Companies

Sell directly to healthcare providers, manage orders, track shipments, and provide customer support all through a centralized platform.

3. Pharmaceutical Ordering Platform for Distributors

Manage inventory, process orders, handle logistics, and distribute products efficiently across various healthcare facilities.

4. B2B Pharma Marketplace for Healthcare GPOs

Manage collective buying processes, negotiate contracts, and streamline the procurement of pharmaceuticals on behalf of multiple healthcare entities.

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Seamless Pharma Distribution – From Lab to Market


Move away from slow-moving, fragmented sales channels to a modern, headless and integrated ecommerce infrastructure. Connect seamlessly with healthcare providers and bring your products to market faster and with greater confidence.

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Simplify Vendor Onboarding

Streamline the integration of new vendors into your pharmaceutical supply chain with a standardized, automated onboarding process that ensures compliance and reduces administrative overhead.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Personalize your interactions with pharmacies, clinics, and healthcare providers through customized product recommendations, flexible pricing options, and 24/7 accessibility.

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Maintain rigorous compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, or country-specific pharmaceutical laws, and reduce the risk of violations with secure data handling, accurate record keeping, and compliance tracking tools.


World-class eCommerce Technology in One Platform


Whether you are at the beginning of your ecommerce journey or ready to upgrade from your current legacy technology stack, we have you covered. Integrate your commerce tech stack with as much or as little of Virto's platform as you need.

1. Virto Atomic Architecture™

Easily build your pharmaceutical pharma B2B ecommerce solution by choosing from over 100 pre-built modules to meet all your digital needs. Each module is designed to integrate seamlessly, allowing you to tailor the platform to your unique requirements and scale as needed.

2. Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the setup that best meets your operational needs and regulatory requirements: on-premises, public cloud (Virto Cloud), private cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud), or hybrid.

3. Unlimited Integration Options

Connect any ERP, PMS, and other internal or third-party systems to digitize an entire pharmaceutical B2B supply chain. Grow an ecosystem of connected applications for continuous, smooth, and easily scalable operations.

4. Advanced Technology Stack

Take full advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as .NET, Kubernetes, GraphQL, and Elastic Search to enhance your platform. Benefit from increased transparency, flexibility, lower development costs, and hassle-free scalability that these agile-friendly tools provide.


Tailored eCommerce Features for B2B Pharma

Custom Contract Builder

Easily create and manage tailored contracts for a wide range of customers, including pharmacies, hospitals, and individual practitioners, based on their purchase volume, set pricing, delivery frequency, and other parameters.

Advanced Unit Management

Create a structured product catalog that fits your unique product specifications. Add, manage, and accurately display pharmaceutical products based on their specific units of measure, dose, volume, and weight.

Branded Multi-Tenant Storefronts

Each distributor can set up their standalone online storefront and customize the look and feel to match their branding, all within an integrated platform without complex changes to the B2B pharma portal architecture.

Multi-Channel Sales Processing

Manage and customize pharmaceutical pricing based on predefined parameters, such as sales channels and customer types. Optimize sales by processing all orders from every channel in one place.

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Unique Customer Experience

Customer onboarding

Customize the client onboarding process to meet specific regulatory and operational requirements.

Company profiles

Accommodate complex organizational structures with multi-tiered client accounts.

User management

Control access and operational capabilities securely with comprehensive user role and permission management.

Product catalogs

Simplify product discovery with a highly flexible catalog structure that supports extensive properties and downloadable assets.

B2B checkout

Optimize checkout to align with organizational purchasing protocols through features like order approvals, spending limits, and credit management.

Custom quotes

Request personalized pricing directly from the platform by specifying quantities, preferred delivery methods, and dates.

Fast and Reliable Selling Process

Multi-level business accounts

Facilitate complex organizational setups with multi-level business accounts that support multiple contract associations and user hierarchies.

Sophisticated contracts


Easily manage contractual relationships of any complexity level through detailed and nuanced contract conditions that meet diverse business needs.

Customized pricing


Offer personalized pricing options based on unique customer requirements: purchase volume, order frequency, contractual agreements, or even specific market conditions.

Accurate, real-time inventory

Maintain accurate, real-time inventory data to ensure correct order fulfillment, eliminate discrepancies, and improve operational efficiency.

Multi-warehouse inventory

View inventory availability across multiple warehouses to reduce delivery times and manage resources more effectively.

Push messages

Send custom notifications to selected customers or organizations within the platform about discounts, promotions, and more.

Security and Data Protection

  • Access control management
    Use role-based permissions for granular control over platform features and fields.
  • Multiple authentication options
    Strengthen security with multiple user authentication methods for reliable identity verification and access management.
  • Up-to-date technology, any time
    Keep your platform tech stack up-to-date with seamless vendor updates.
  • Flexible deployment
  • Use multiple user authentication methods for secure identity verification and access controls.

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