De Klok Dranken Builds a B2B Customer Portal

Netherlands Beverage Giant Empowers B2B Customers replatforming from SAP to Virto Commerce.
De Klok case study

Client’s milestones

adoption rate
users with unique prices and conditions
weeks to launch the system 
redistribution centers
The Challenge

Striving for Growth to Improve Customer Experience

De Klok Dranken had been using SAP Commerce Cloud and various other tools, but many of these solutions had become outdated and could not meet the company's evolving requirements. De Klok Dranken needed a robust ecommerce platform.
De Klok Case Study with Virto Commerce

The Goals de Klok Dranken Aimed to Achieve

  • ✓  To establish a self-service portal for customers on a unified platform.
  • ✓  To streamline the ordering, accounting, and check-out processes.
  • ✓ To ensure a seamless transition, meticulous data migration, and the preservation of existing features.
  • ✓ To provide the highest level of user experience for their customers.

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The Solution

A Transformative Replatforming Journey from SAP to Virto

To replace their outdated SAP solution, De Klok Dranken embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Virto and Innovadis. Virto B2B headless solution offered seamless integration with external tools and smooth data import and export while retaining critical existing features.
Why Virto?
  • ✓ Fast time-to-value. With Virto, De Klok Dranken eliminated the risks associated with updates, integrations, or feature implementations.
  • ✓ Exceptional performance. The platform’s intuitive interface and advanced functionalities led to better adoption rates and faster operation.
  • ✓ Affordable and risk-free innovations. De Klok Dranken successfully implemented unique customer features—which seemed too complex with SAP—within a few weeks.

The following technologies were used

No Vendor Lock-In
Front end
Vue.js, Squidex CMS
  • Virto Commerce, .NET Core, Azure SQL
Servers and hosting
Servers and hosting: Microsoft Azure
Tools and approach
Atlassian Suite and Scaled Scrum
The Result

Remarkable Results and a Bright Future

With the new platform in place, De Klok Dranken efficiently handles the processing of thousands of products, satisfying the requirements of 80% of their partners who have embraced the platform. The system’s scalability eliminates the need for separate scaling efforts as the company’s network continues to expand.
  • ✓  Each customer has access to specific information based on their unique agreements.
  • ✓  All data can be effortlessly filtered, enabling efficient analysis and decision-making.
  • ✓  Vendors can monitor the performance of their products, identify top buyers, and obtain critical data.
  • ✓  The ecommerce system transformed into a powerful marketing platform offering advanced personalized promotions.
Virto Commerce DeKlok Case Studies

Future Growth and Digital Advancements

The collaborative effort of Innovadis and Virto teams ensures that De Klok Dranken will always benefit from the innovations. The partners aim to create an unparalleled CX that captivates customers and cultivates lasting loyalty. They are committed to implementing industry-leading practices and propelling De Klok Dranken towards greater success.

A Few Words From Our Client


Virto Commerce was the best fit for De Klok Dranken as it combined cost-effectiveness together with the functionality, flexibility, and scalability we need—today and in the long term. With Virto Commerce, our future ecommerce strategy has a solid base to build on.


 Martijn Wietsma
Martijn Wietsma, Head of Marketing at De Klok Dranken
De Klok logo

De Klok Dranken: Towards Increased Customer Loyalty

Netherlands beverage giant empowers B2B customers with Virto Commerce, providing an incredible ecommerce value and fostering loyalty.

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