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Seamless innovation and easy management of your backend and front end with an API-first Virto Commerce platform.
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What is Headless and Why B2B Needs It

Independent Storefront and Backend

Developers say that “Bodies” [backends] function separately from the “Heads” [storefronts]. This means headless is an approach that enables your backend to work separately and connect to as many storefronts as needed. Find more technical details in a Headless eCommerce Explanation.
Headless architecture

Winning the Market with Headless eCommerce

API-first means Innovation-first. With the capability to try and test any new feature on the backend without affecting CX and fast deployment on the front end, you are all ready to meet constantly growing customer expectations. And it works with any language, any currency, and in any region.
Scalability and Performance
In ecommerce, the faster you go — the faster you grow. Headless architecture is tailored to provide quick content delivery with all your data stored separately from the storefront. This means the website always works perfectly, and connecting new servers and services gives you infinite space to scale whenever necessary.
Full Control Over the Platform
No more accidental downtimes or intentional “Maintenance” hours. Going headless, you can add new features and upgrade existing capabilities totally seamlessly. With each capability working as a separate module, you can build whatever you want and even add any third-party solution needed.

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Headless vs. Traditional

No Monolith platform can compare to Headless. Starting with the simple convenience of use and up to the latest innovation capabilities that make you stand out from the competitors. Headless is your chance to change the game completely.


  • ✓ Full ecommerce architecture control: agile and quick innovations to win the market share
  • ✓ Easy scaling while keeping top performance
  • ✓ Easy development, seamless testing, and launch of innovations
  • ✓ New powerful marketing capabilities
  • ✓ Centralized omnichannel experience with more eCommerce Touchpoints
  • ✓ Easy multinational rollouts, entering new regions, and working with new currencies
  • ✓ Greater CX and usability


  • ✓ Dependency of any change on the Storefront performance
  • ✓ Lack of the immediate scaling capabilities
  • ✓ Long testing and development before the innovation implementation
  • ✓ Standard marketing tools
  • ✓ Challenging integration of new channels
  • ✓ Complicated development of new storefronts
  • ✓ Limited CX features out of the box

Our Clients That Go Headless

Why Virto Commerce

Virto has truly headless architecture. This composable ecommerce solution can offer all the benefits of modular, API-first systems. From simple coding to the greatest support: all wrapped in one solution that can be continuously extended along with your growing business.
If you are still thinking if headless is right for you, just start by comparing different ecommerce platforms and asking your future vendors simple questions.

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