Bosch's Customer Loyalty Marketplace Portal

Learn about how Bosch Thermotechnik gains customer insights and builds customer loyalty through new ecommerce solution.
Bosch's Customer Loyalty Marketplace Portal

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The Challenge

Insight into the Customer Experience

Bosch Thermotechnik wanted to gain significant insight into the customer experience, including data about how products are used, how and where customers installed them.
To gain this customer access, they decided to create a customer loyalty program in a digital commerce solution that allows them to interact directly with their customers.
Solution requirements:
  • Integration with multiple fulfillment providers
  • Points-based purchase system
  • High level of automation for importing new products

Bosch Thermotechnik's Loyalty Marketplace Portal

Discover how Bosch launched its customer loyalty marketplace portal and reward system.

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The Solution

The Customer Loyalty Marketplace

Bosch Thermotechnik wanted to buy a solution and not develop their own ecommerce tool.
  • Having purchased a Bosch Thermotechnik product, customers can log into the loyalty portal to register their purchase and receive points in their account.
  • Using those points, they can then purchase various rewards directly from the portal.
  • This process allows Bosch Thermotechnik to receive vital market information while giving incentives to the customer and keeping them engaged with the brand.

Development and Implementation

This project was the first ecommerce implementation for Bosch Thermotechnik, so Virto Commerce held an onsite kick-off workshop with company’s technical team.


As Bosch Thermotechnik wanted to manage the front-end development, Virto Commerce developed a solution around company’s front-end technology stack. This approach enabled them to streamline API calls, ensuring the solution ran effciently and company could focus on their main business requirements.
The Result

Better Understanding
of The Customers

With the portal built on Virto Commerce and the Microsoft technology stack, Bosch Thermotechnik can add on additional fulfillment providers seamlessly.

The customer loyalty portal serves as a long-term solution that grows with the company and its future business needs.


Virto Commerce for Bosch Case Studies

A Few Words From Our Client


Here at Bosch Thermotechnik we were looking for a 100% customizable .NET platform with superior support options. We had an objective of launching a marketplace that will function smoothly in 25 countries. Eventually, by choosing Virto Commerce we successfully launched the website, our clientele has become more engaged, and we have increased the turnover.


 Cornelius Munz
Cornelius Munz, CTO
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Bosch Thermotechnik Gains Valuable Insights from Its Customer Loyalty Portal

Learn about how Bosch Thermotechnik gains customer insights and builds customer loyalty through new ecommerce solution.

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