Lavazza's Unified B2B & B2C Solution

The global enterprise searched for a robust unified B2B and B2C ecommerce solution that could handle seamless integrations, and be truly flexible and extensible.

The Challenge

Unified B2B & B2C Solution

Lavazza by Bluespresso was aiming towards better customer experience and wanted to meet market expectations.

  • The company needed to respond to customers’ needs for a better online shopping experience, personalized transactions, up-to-date customer insights, and product information.
  • Other systems should be able to integrate seamlessly across the existing Lavazza by Bluespresso ecosystem.
  • The B2B & B2C activities had to be unified to streamline workflow and avoid managing multiple catalogs and duplicate work on the backend.

Client's Requirements


The catalog has 4,000 items and detailed descriptions.

Tech Complexity

Five other digital platforms of parent company needed to be linked and integrated.

Complex Pricing

The solution required complex and variable pricing per channel.

B2B & B2C

The unified catalog to avoid duplicate work on the backend.

Replatforming to Tackle Limitations

Way to Flexibility & Scalability

The coffee brand sought help from rb2, an experienced ecommerce partner, for the selection and implementation of a new ecommerce platform.

The enterprise looked for an ecommerce platform that would cover the customer requirements and provide significantly more scalability and flexibility than the current solution.

Lavazza by Bluespresso needed an ecommerce platform that could handle data integration, personalization, provide insights into customer behavior, and scale across languages and countries.

The team selected Virto Commerce because it met those demands and also allowed for future development of new ideas, so Lavazza by Bluespresso can continue to evolve its ecommerce vision and goals. 

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The B2B phase of the implementation brought additional challenges, specfically for managing all order lists and price agreements. To tackle them, the team created a link with the Zegris ERP system, where all data is synchronized. This solution makes the process much faster and more efficient. Adding new products, and other CMS tasks is now done instantly and no longer takes hours to complete.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Virto Commerce platform, the team continue to build out the Lavazza by Bluespresso ecommerce vision, continuously developing and expanding the platform. 

Virto Commerce & rb2

Development and Implementation

To build the new ecommerce solution on Virto Commerce, the rb2 team supported Lavazza by Bluespresso with development and implementation.

The Result

Lavazza Serves Customers Better than Ever Before

  • The product options now are fully configurable for both B2B and B2C processes, and it is now possible for customers to place orders, view order history, manage order lists, and view invoices from one interface.
  • Customer trends and data analysis are now easily accessible, and the Lavazza by Bluespresso account managers can now respond strategically, quickly, and accurately to customer behavior.

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