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Fulfillment - Virto Commerce 2 User Guide

Order fulfillment includes the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers. Usually the process of fulfillment in ecommerce inlcudes receiving inventory from a supplier (including its counting, instecting, labeling and etc.), storage of the inventory, order processing (including preparing, packing and exchange if necessary) and shipping. There also may be returns that are counted according to the store rules and conditions. In Virto Commerce manager fulfillment lifecycle looks as follows.В 

Shipment created

This is the first step of fulfillment. A shipment includes one or more products of the order. Order can contain one or more shipments.В 

Inventory assigned

When shipment is created, it is checked if the inventory is available. Afterwards the inventory is being assigned.

Released for Pick / Pack

Assigned inventory is released for pick or pack by a customer service representative (CSR). Then the inventory is being picked to the picklist and prepared to be packed


On this step the shipment is packed according to shipping requirements (for instance, fragile items must be packed more accurately and the pack should be marked).


When the packed shipment is sent to delivery service to be shipped.

Last update: June 18, 2020