AI in ecommerce

AI eCommerce Integration

AI in eCommerce

Take artificial intelligence power and make it your B2B ecommerce competitive advantage. AI ecommerce integration is specially designed to be a part of an enterprise digital commerce ecosystem.

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How Virto Commerce Uses Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

Open to New Generations of Touchpoints
Open to New Generations of Touchpoints

Virto Commerce is designed to deliver a multi-channel and outstanding ecommerce experience to your customers. We offer seamless ecommerce AI integration to make ecommerce systems more efficient and remarkably advanced.

A Delivery Channel for Personalization
A Delivery Channel for Personalization

Virto Commerce platform is designed to integrate AI engines into the ecommerce data delivery pipeline: easily add personalization listings, recommendations, predictive engines to your solution.

API-Based Architecture Results in Unlimited Productivity
API-Based Architecture Results in Unlimited Productivity

Since everything humans do or see in Virto Commerce is available through API, it is possible to connect AI software with Virto seamlessly to facilitate or replace people at any function or process.

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By using artificial intelligence in ecommerce to analyze user behavior, preferences, feedback, and characteristics, you can predict behavior and deliver a unique, personalized experience. This helps you increase customer engagement and offers dynamic, one-to-one touchpoints.  A successful personalized ecommerce buying experience results in higher customer loyalty, trust and finally, higher conversion because a customer can partly delegate the purchasing decisions to AI and buy in a comfortable cognitive environment.

Productivity Tools

Artificial intelligence in ecommerce opens many opportunities in making ecosystems much more labor efficient.  For example, using modern AI productivity tools allows to save a lot of time on catalog management. AI tools can execute data enrichment, content generation, description translations with high quality and efficiency. Artificial intelligence can also save a lot of work in data quality control, fraud detection and many other areas.

New Generation Touchpoints

Artificial intelligence in ecommerce creates genuinely new formats where sellers, brands and consumers communicate through ecommerce AI assistants to explore offerings, make transactions and receive services or help with their purchases. The use of multiple channels, including AI assistants, allows to provide customers the user experience they prefer or need in their context. The artificial intelligence in ecommerce makes it possible to focus on buying with pleasure (for B2C), efficiency and to solve complexity (for B2B), or collect and transfer information. (for distribution portals).
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