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Virto Commerce manager

Commerce Manager

Manage multiple stores.

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Virto Commerce frontend accelerator

Electronics store

Simple electronics template that supports responsive design and various mobile devices.

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Virto Commerce frontend accelerator

Clothing store

More advanced clothing store that includes blogs, social integrations, mailchimp and much more.

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Virto Commerce frontend accelerator

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

To launch, download Install Ionic View on your phone and sign up / log in to Ionic, then Tap PREVIEW APP and enter app id 9eb6619b

B2B store

B2B store

Beta version

Advanced B2B webstore with bulk order functionality, multi-vendor catalog and other B2B-related features

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  • Windows Azure
  • Elasticsearch
  • Microsoft.NET
  • CSS 3, HTML 5, Jquery, Bootstrap
  • Angular JS