Account-Based Pricing in B2B eCommerce Platform

For a retailer or supplier selling to corporate clients through a B2B portal, flexible and convenient price management is essential. Since the check size in B2B is much larger than in B2C, price management should be carried out from one single point in the ecommerce system so that there is no confusion in pricing for users associated with the same buyer organization.

A mechanism that allows you to set prices for all users of a buyer company or their departments is implemented through the account-based pricing feature of the B2B ecommerce platform. It also ensures that all new users of a corporate client automatically get the prices set for that organization.

Efficient price management strategy in B2B ecommerce

Further, at least 2 significant points must be identified that differentiate B2B ecommerce pricing from B2C. These points are the ability to assign specific prices not to a customer user but to a customer organization and to manage different prices on the same product for the various clients.

For example, consider De Klok Dranken, the Dutch wholesaler company that works in B2B and sells beverages to hotels, restaurants, and bars (HoReCa). The buyers have different organizational structures and for example, users authorized to place orders could be in each hotel and buy for the hotel within the contract terms that may relate to the hotel chain. With Virto Commerce account-based pricing feature, the wholesaler could assign prices and discounts to the entire hotel chain as the legal entity that pays the bills. The financial buyer would be sure these prices are automatically available to all users belonging to their organization.

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Prices for corporate buyers are often registered in the contract, and the contract is the result of the mutual negotiation. Some large suppliers have thousands of contracts with customer organizations. In this case, the ecommerce solution should support individual price lists with unlimited SKUs for each of the thousands of customer organizations. At the same time, there should be an option to have standard “street-price” pricelists to offer initially to each new customer and then to be overwritten by unique contract prices for agreed-upon SKUs.

Another example is Lavazza Netherlands, Dutch company that sells coffee and some other products in both B2B and B2C channels. Their business model in B2B assumes that they have general price lists, while account managers can set unique prices for each of 4300+ products for each of the 4000+ customers. After migrating their ecommerce solution to Virto Commerce, the company gained the ability to be as flexible as possible in price management and deliver unique prices when required with minimum efforts.

Virto Commerce pricing module

Virto Commerce pricing module

For large organizations, contracts can be signed with their individual departments, so it is important that the ecommerce solution can manage prices for several levels in the client's organizational structure. Virto Commerce also allows you to assign a specific price list to each department so that a user from a department will see the relevant prices.

Account-based pricing features of Virto Commerce B2B ecommerce platform

Our B2B ecommerce platform provides feature-rich functionality for sales channels, currencies, languages, catalog options, order management, merchandising, marketing promotions, cart and checkout, customer profiles, and of course has comprehensive price management for either B2B, B2C, B2G and other market segments.

Virto Commerce pricing features

  • B2B account-based pricing
  • Multiple price-lists​ per client
  • Price lists for each catalog
  • Import/export price list from ERP and integration with ERP price engines ​
  • Value-based pricing
  • Time-based pricing
  • Client profile recommended pricing
  • Sale and promotional pricing​
  • Ability to pay with various currencies
  • Ability to pay with seller-issued coins or points
  • Ability to pay with crypto currencies

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If you’re interested in sophisticated, flexible and personalized price management for your B2B and B2C ecommerce solution, we are happy to answer all your questions.

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Nikolay Sidelnikov
Business Product Owner