Bosch success story

Bosch Gains Customer Insights and Builds Customer Loyalty Through New eCommerce Solution

Bosch B2B/B2C Platform Case Study

"We chose Virto Commerce because it is the only platform that had the customizability and support options that we need. From pre-service consultation to technical team support, Virto Commerce was responsive and informative, and most importantly, able to provide valuable insight into our core needs." ~ Cornelius Munz, BOSCH Digital


Bosch Thermotechnik traditionally did not sell to the end customer, and instead they relied on their distribution channels for that final sale. That approach, however, did not allow Bosch to have any insight into their customers, their behavior, what products they chose, or how they were using them.


Bosch sought a digital solution to automate the information capture and build customer loyalty as well.

To gain visibility into end customers, Bosch wanted to build a Customer Loyalty program, with points-based purchasing and 14,000+ catalogue items, and selected Virto Commerce to create their eCommerce solution.