Bosch case study

Bosch Thermotechnik gains valuable insights from its customer loyalty portal

Learn about how Bosch Thermotechnik gains customer insights and builds customer loyalty through new ecommerce solution.
Bosch Thermotechnik, the Thermo technology division of the Bosch Group, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of heating products and hot water solutions. Using cutting edge technology, Bosch Thermotechnik offers customers around the world innovative and pioneering solutions for room climate, hot water, and decentralized energy management.
Bosch Thermotechnik traditionally did not sell to the end customer. Instead, they relied on their distribution channels for completing the final sale. This approach, however, did not allow them to gain valuable insight into the customer experience, including data about how products are used, to how and where customers were installing them.
Our client wanted to manage front-end development, Virto Commerce was able to develop a solution around their front-end technology stack. This allowed them to streamline API calls, ensure the solution ran efficiently, and enabled them to focus on their primary business requirements. Besides, they could now access data from the Virto Commerce backend, which was quite cost-effective.
They now have a customer loyalty portal that allows them to understand their customers better. With the portal built on Virto Commerce and the Microsoft technology stack, they can add on additional fulfillment providers seamlessly. The Customer Loyalty Portal serves as a long-term solution that grows with Bosch Thermotechnik and its future business needs.
We chose Virto Commerce because they were the only platform that had the customizability, a .NET framework, and support options that we were looking for. From the pre-service consultation to their technical team support, they were responsive and informative, and most importantly, able to provide valuable insight into our core needs.

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