De Klok Dranken previously had an existing ecommerce platform, but it could not meet their current or future needs due to technical limitations, high development costs, and no alignment with the future plans for strategic growth. De Klok Dranken decided to build a new commerce platform which is future-proof, flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and where further development is easy, quick, and cost effective. In addition, all the customers of De Klok Dranken will have their own, custom-made, login and product details visible with the use of the newest techniques available.


The main challenge was to re-platform and ‘rebuild’ the platform with a new look & feel, but to also be sure the existing capabilities were retained and/or improved to provide an even richer interface. User experience was of high priority. The platform itself must have robust capabilities to accommodate the large number of functionalities in the current site, while providing the ability to add significant improvements and meet requirements of future development and new ideas