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Government Supply Chain eCommerce Expedites Order Processing and Efficiency

Find out how 'The Executive Office of the Government' gave a standing ovation because of the drastic improvement, ease of use and efficiency of its new supply chain solution, and the transformation from their old system and process.

Government Supply Chain eCommerce Expedites Order Processing and Efficiency
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The Executive Office of the Government needed a new system to improve its supply chain solution for internal product ordering, approval, and tracking management. The customer experience of both citizen-facing and internal services needed to be modernized. Also, obsolete legacy applications, systems, and business processes needed to be replaced.
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Eminent IT assessed several tools and selected Virto Commerce for the ecommerce supply chain solution. The team implemented Virto Commerce as the interface to manage the supply chain and all product orders that are sourced and pulled from multiple organizations to fulfill product orders.
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The final product is a transformed Supply Chain Shopping System and the client gave a standing ovation because of the new system its drastic improvement and transformation from their old system and process. Feedback from the 5,000 users has been highly positive, as they are thrilled with the design, ease of use, and efficiency of the new and improved supply chain solution.
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We chose Virto Commerce for the Executive Office of the US Government supply chain solution because it is the only platform that could meet our business user requirements to provide the modern ecommerce shopping experience we wanted, as well as the technical requirements of being customizable, flexible, secure and built on a Microsoft .NET technology stack.

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