Hengdeli Case Study

Hengdeli Automates & Simplifies Manual Processes for Inventory, Promotions and Products

Find out how Hengdeli has significantly improved its product, order and inventory management.

Hengdeli Automates & Simplifies Manual Processes for Inventory, Promotions and Products

Hengdeli is a recognized retailer of internationally renowned brand watches and manufacturer of watch accessories. Shareholders include the Zhang family, the prestigious watch manufacturer and distributor SWATCH Group as well as the internationally respected luxury goods conglomerate LVMH Group. The company has 67 retail outlets, selling more than 50 internationally renowned brands in among others Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. The company also provides extensive after-sales services for internationally renowned brand watches and owns several watch accessories manufacturing enterprises. This includes the manufacturing of furniture and items used for watch sales and watch packaging products, commercial space design, production and decoration. Hengdeli serves customers throughout the greater China region, Asia Pacific and other countries and even areas such as Switzerland and the United States.
To remain competitive in a fast-moving business, Hengdeli, an international retailer of brand watches and watch accessories, wanted to improve its inventory and promotions for various channels. Previously, managing inventory, promotions and products for each channel were done manually by Hengdeli, so they had to simplify and automate these manual processes.
Hengdeli formed a team of five developers who worked with delaware digital on the implementation of the new platform. The team was particularly enthusiastic about the ease of use and the low technical learning curve, which enabled them to complete the initial phase in less than three months.
Through replatforming, Hengdeli has significantly improved its product, order and inventory management. This has resulted in cost savings through automation and flexibility of pushing products to select channels.
Working with Virto Commerce and delaware digital has been an excellent experience. The platform offers the ease of use and flexibility we need to remain competitive in a fast-changing e-commerce environment.


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