Kupinatao case study

Kupinatao adapted and created an international ecommerce marketplace within a very short timeframe

Find out how Kupinatao was able to face the challenging business dynamics and growth of developing an international marketplace.

Kupinatao.com is a Russian adaptation of Taobao and Alibaba, the largest online Chinese store. Kupinatao was one of the first online stores in Russia offering goods directly from China. Kupinatao allows remote cities all over the country access to ecommerce.

To adapt and create the international ecommerce marketplace, Kupinatao needed to meet specific business requirements and overcome several challenges, including pricing adjustments, ratings of sellers, availability of items, language translation, delivery, and quality control.
The team worked to determine business processes and develop an ecommerce platform adapted to the new marketplace. The flexibility of the Virto Commerce platform was critical for developing this ecommerce solution and overcoming the challenges in several areas.
Together with the Virto Commerce highly flexible and scalable ecommerce platform, Kupinatao was able to face the challenging business dynamics and growth of developing an international marketplace. Kupinatao quickly became the leader in Russian-Chinese ecommerce sales and continues dominating the market.
While using Virto Commerce platform capabilities, we created a powerful marketplace system. We addressed order management, inventory, pricing and developed a system of gathering, publishing, and managing customer reviews. This system helps Kupinatao customers make the right choice out of millions of positions and drives our sales.

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