Kupinatao success story

Adapting a National Ecommerce Marketplace

Virto Commerce Customer Case Study

"Using Virto Commerce platform capabilities, we created powerful marketplace system. We addressed order management, inventory, pricing, as well as developed a system of gathering, publishing, and managing customer reviews. This system helps Kupinatao customers make the right choice out of millions of positions and drives our sales."


In order to adapt and create the international ecommerce marketplace, the team needed to meet specific business requirements and overcome several challenges, including pricing adjustments, ratings of sellers, availability of items, language translation, delivery, and quality control. Additionally, because of import laws and requirements, there were hurdles to address in developing the business processes and technical requirements of the adapted ecommerce site. Learn how Virto Commerce can transform your business into an ecommerce enterprise. Visit www.VirtoCommerce.com To create the ecommerce marketplace solution, the team developed a list of business and technical requirements. Many of the top solution requirements included:

  • Remote catalog access through API
  • Drop-shipping system
  • Promotions and customizable marketing campaigns
  • Pricing adaptations
  • Order consolidation and shipment of items from different suppliers into a single order
  • Easy returns and additional orders
  • Product descriptions need localized
  • Browsing the products based on customer reviews