Lavazza by Bluespresso Case Study

Lavazza by Bluespresso Digital Commerce: Expanded Capabilities and Growth

Learn how RB2 and Virto Commerce created a new and unified B2B & B2C ecommerce solution for Lavazza by Bluespresso to gain insights
in their customer behavior.

Lavazza by Bluespresso Digital Commerce: Expanded Capabilities and Growth
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European Coffee brand Lavazza by Bluespresso has passion for excellence that makes every cup a unique experience. With online, in store, and B2B distribution, Lavazza coffee delights customers worldwide. Now, Lavazza by Bluespresso offers more than 4,000 business customers online ordering of its product catalog, pricing and order history with a new ecommerce website.
Lavazza challenges
In order to satisfy the growing need of their customers, Lavazza by Bluespresso, needed a robust and flexible platform that could handle complex pricing and order lists, and was able to integrate across various systems while unifying B2B and B2C activities.
Lavazza solutions
To build the new ecommerce platform on Virto Commerce, the rb2 team supported Lavazza by Bluespresso, with development, implementation, and technical support in every phase of the process. New functionalities ensure that Lavazza by Bluespresso can serve customers even better in the future.
Lavazza results
Brand new ecommerce website for both B2B and B2C channels, which made the product catalog, pricing agreements and order lists management faster and more efficient by eliminating duplicate work on the backend and allowing customers to manage the processes from one interface.

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"We chose Virto Commerce for Lavazza by Bluespresso because it is the only ecommerce platform that has the functionality, flexibility, and scalability we need - today and long-term." 


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