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SKU- Stock Keeping Unit SKUs are used by catalogs, online e-tailers, warehouses, and product fulfillment centers to track inventory levels in order to determine which products require reordering. Although SKUs differ from model numbers, businesses may embed model numbers within SKUs.

Important: By adding SKUs to every product variation, store owners can easily track the quantity of available products and create threshold limits to let them know when new purchase orders must be made.

SKU selector is a visual element that enables selecting product variations.

GTIN- see Manage Products Global Trade Item Number.

GTIN can be used by a company to uniquely identify all of its trade items. Currently, GTIN is used exclusively within bar codes.

Can be purchased - see Manage Products. If this parameter is set for a product on admin side, the item will be available for purchasing on store side. If this parameter is not set on admin side, the item may be visible but not available for purchasing.

Store visible- see Manage Products. If this parameter is set on admin side, the product will be visible on Store. If this parameter is not set on admin side, it will not be visible for clients.

Track inventory- see Manage Products. Setting this parameter allows the system start tracking the inventory. If this parametr is not set, the inventory will not be tracked by the system.

Physical Product is a product that can be purchased and shipped

Digital Product is a product that can be purchased, but not shipped.

Is Active- see Manage categories

Category is a container for other categories or items (products).

Priority - see Manage categories

Product Property is an additional characteristics for a catalog entity. All properties defined in parent hierarchy entity are inherited by child items.

Product Variation is a variation of the main product that has additional properties.

Mapping is the process of defining how a document, and the fields it contains, are stored and indexed.

Search engine is a set of applications designed to search for information.

Elastic search search engine from json REST API, uses Lucene and written in Java.

Index is a database, document is a table in it. The document is document format JSON, which is stored in elasticsearch. Each document is stored in the index, and has the type and ID. The original JSON document indexing will be stored in the field_source that returns a default receipt or document search.

Analysis is the process of converting text into tokens or terms which are added to the inverted index for searching. Analysis is performed by an analyzer, which can be either a built-in analyzer or a custom analyzer defined per index.

Last update: September 23, 2021