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The webhooks module allows to register and send webhook notifications for any event available in the system.

Key Features

  1. Sending Webhook notifications in the background via a POST request with JSON serialized event data to the specified URL;
  2. Managing the list of webhooks
  3. Viewing or updating Webhook details; WebhookDetails
  4. Using DomainEvent descendant to trigger webhook notification;
  5. Sending retry policy with configurable exponential intervals
  6. Viewing the list of errors for the webhook failed notifications


You can find the module in the list of VirtoCommerce available modules.

How to configure

To create a webhook, you need to "Add" button in the webhook list, and fill in the following details: - Name; - URL to send the notification (e.g. the one from Azure LogicApp HttpResponse); - Content type; - The list of events you want this webhook be triggered for, or "Trigger all events" for any event; Turn on "Is active" to make the webhook active, and Save. Now the webhook will trigger notification sending for the events you chose.

Sample of Event JSON

Example of notification, sent on Create or Change order
  "EventId": "VirtoCommerce.OrdersModule.Core.Events.OrderChangedEvent",
  "Attempt": 1,
  "EventBody": "[{\"objectId\":\"1780d797-0990-419b-9937-f1d5a7d7b383\",\"objectType\":\"VirtoCommerce.OrdersModule.Core.Model.CustomerOrder\"}]"

NOTE: Then you can send request to the order API and get the order by ID: REST /api/order/customerOrders/{id}

Last update: September 23, 2021