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Top B2B e-commerce challenges & solutions

B2B e-commerce encounter specific business model and process challenges which require customized solutions. In this white paper we'll provide you with the top challenges that B2B e-commerce websites face and how to solve them.

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Understand the top business and technology challenges in B2B digital commerce projects.

Why B2B needs to be able to adapt to different customer requirements, unlike the B2C sector.

How essential it is to recognize the specific challenges the B2B sector faces daily in digital commerce and to ensure your solution helps you overcome them easily.

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To provide an enhanced and rich customer experience, De Klok Dranken wanted a future-proof, flexible and scalable platform with robust capabilities without limitations within its long-term vision and strategy. Curious how?

Bosch Thermotechnik wanted a direct line of communication with their customer base. To gain this important customer access, they decided to create a customer loyalty program that awarded points and ultimately allowed them to interact directly with their customers. More info?

Find out how Kupinatao.com was able to face the challenging business dynamics and growth of developing an international marketplace. They became leader in Russian-Chinese e-commerce sales and are still dominating this market today.

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