4 Principles of Extending
eCommerce to B2B

The value of using composable commerce
to generate new B2B revenue sources

4 Principles of Extending
eCommerce to B2B

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Repurposing existing components to extend
to revenue sources while providing a unique customer experience.
The benefits of composable commerce
as it relates to the single, all in solution.
Shifting the focus from implementing
new technology to adding overall value.

Maneuvering past obsolete,

non-agile solutions.

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Customer Success Stories

Standaard Boekhandel


Would you like to learn how Standaard Boekhandel aligns both online and offline ordering of different brands, linking each product to a unique stock location, and integrating the various systems into a seamless omni-channel experience.

Bosch Thermotechnik


Bosch Thermotechnik wanted a direct line of communication with their customer base. To gain this important access, they decided to create a customer loyalty program that awarded points and allowed them to interact directly with customers.

Lavazza by Bluespresso


Would you like to find out how 'Lavazza by Bluespresso', created a robust and flexible platform, that could process complex pricing and order lists and was able to integrate across different systems? Make sure to read our case study.