Online shopping cart software

Online shopping cart software

With the development of Internet and Information Technologies, it has become common and important for businesses to gain online presence, especially if they aspire to cover bigger and newer markets. They are now faced with the challenge of providing customers with easy instant access to the products and services, while taking into account all of their preferences and desires. Today’s shopping software will be able to help any business build a customizable website and host an online store.

Why is shopping cart software the best solution for building your store?

Every entrepreneur wants to introduce their products or services to new markets, and the best way to do so is to open an online store. Shopping cart software can do just that to help you advertise and sell your products. It is very easy to create a website using the templates provided. They are highly adaptable to any business’ specific needs and can be altered however you want. You can easily change the text in product descriptions, write blog reviews and posts and edit images and other assets. Have it all hosted with the help of shopping cart integration. You can choose between different platforms and the amount of freedom in customizing your website. Some of them will even allow you to edit your selected templates using HTML and CSS markups. Top-notch shopping cart solutions will have everything you need to grow and expand your business in ecommerce industry.


The pricing varies for each shopping cart software and depends on a number of products you want to put on your store’s webpage. In most cases, a website shopping cart allows you to put 1000 products at a time. They also offer bigger and smaller plans for different goals. The prices vary from 20 to 60 USD per month depending on availability of certain features and perks that will allow you to alter your website’s performance. Don’t be fooled by the low cost of a particular open source shopping cart software however, as it may have certain payments for third-party programs usage integrated into it. While choosing a shopping cart solution, do not forget to look at fees that are charged by the shopping cart, as well as the ones charged by the payment service. For every customer transaction made through your website, you lose some of the money to the shopping cart software as well as to the payment service. Imagine a client buying a $200 product on your website using his credit card. He read all the reviews about it, researched it and is ready to purchase. As soon as he pays through the website via, for example, PayPal, you start to pay commission. At first, the amount of $6.40 goes to PayPal as a transaction fee (actual amount may vary). Next, the shopping cart integration charges money from the purchase (fees may vary according to different shopping carts for websites). The lower this fee is, the more you receive money from your customers. If a shopping cart does not charge this kind of fee, it will restrict your bandwidth. Bandwidth is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to high traffic volumes of customers and a number of sales made at any given moment. Website bandwidth will also allow your customers to download all of the necessary information from the page in no time. The way to go for your business to run well is to pick an unlimited bandwidth plan that will not restrict you to a number of items on your website and will allow you to grow your product database. Always make sure you have a generous reserve of bandwidth for your site as it can be very daunting for visitors to see the website failing its responsibilities.

The Must Have features of shopping carts for websites

Different shopping carts for websites provide various solutions for your business. Whether it is 3dcart or Shopify, OpenCart or BigCommerce, paid or free, open-source or proprietary, choose shopping cart software solely depending on the type of goods or services you want to sell. Some open source shopping carts provide a great option for creating a digital store that will include selling virtual products: e-books, files, other online services. Others possess great customizable features and tools that you need to look for in the cart software to promote and quickly set up your online business. We have highlighted certain features that we think are a “must have” when it comes to shopping cart integrations.

1) A great thing would be the ability to organize your marketing efforts and to maintain your customer database. Many platforms allow you to use tools to promote your product via email marketing, as well as allowing you to keep your customer database by issuing discounts, gifts and running sales.

2) Availability of SEO tools on the platform is also a big pro for developing your business. You want the cart to have the option of integrating Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools to your dashboard to see the conversion rates at your websites and the page indexation and traffic metrics.

3) Always remember about customer support. When creating your site, you may run into several issues, and you may want someone on the voice call to help you during the process of establishing your store page.

4) Always rely on trial periods and demo versions. It is a magnificent idea to count on trial periods of open source shopping cart software when it comes to learning how to work with the dashboard of a cart. If you do not like the UI and do not enjoy the experience of working on the website, you probably wouldn’t like to have a website that is built on such a platform. All of your products and services at the storefront will suffer greatly.

By choosing the proper website shopping cart platform, not only you place your product on the market, but you also get all the necessary tools that you need to have to be successful in commerce in the digital age. While selecting a shopping cart solution that is best suited for you, remember to follow your criteria, check for the reviews, see how secure the site is and enhance your experience by using free trials. Now that you know the main features that every website shopping cart must have, take a chance and create your product’s website!