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Our clients exceed their digital commerce growth expectations with Virto Commerce

New to B2B eCommerce?

Start your online channel and drive untapped revenue with the most flexible open-source B2B platform.


Upgrade from your existing B2B eCommerce solution with a durable software that can meet your unique business requirements.

Virto is an enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce platform, ready for any B2B commerce scenario.

ERP and eCommerce Integration Flexibility

Whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise business, Virto allows your business to build and extend. Connect any ERP system for digitizing your supply chain with unlimited possibilities.

B2B Online Store or Marketplace: Handle Any eCommerce

Build your B2B online store, connect into marketplaces, or sell direct-to-consumer whether your business is in manufacturing, wholesale, or distribution.

Next-Gen Platform for B2B, B2C or B2X

Technology teams love how we implement modern open-source technologies: Kubernetes, Elastic Search, .NET core, and other agile-friendly software.

Faster Launch &
Open Source Approach

Our open-source platform comes with all features needed for launch. Spend less on building out and invest more on customizing unique features and specific workflows for your business.

Open-source B2B eCommerce Platform that Supports Developer Success

Modular Architecture

IT teams love our modular architecture since developers can modify and change specific components while continuing to use the system without interruptions.

Extensible & Composable

Our philosophy of extensibility and composability ensures the platform transforms alongside your growing business needs. Connect with best-of-breed applications and components for building your perfect ecommerce solution.

Headless Commerce via API

Housing your content centrally and delivering it anywhere (via API) enables your business to manage multiple channels and build unique websites with the same ecommerce environment.


Deployment into any cloud environment allows the flexibility to expand across different data centers and eliminates the need to maintain complex back-end technology.

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A Few Words From Our Clients

Transform Your Business with Virto Commerce

Build, stretch, compose, and extend our solution for B2B eCommerce that can address any commerce scenario.

B2B Account Management

Easily manage B2B accounts across organizations, departments, and other corporate units. 
Create specific roles and access control for your various buyers, manage user permissions to avoid security risks, and provide access to data on a need-to-know basis.

Case study: De Klok

Flexible Catalog and Pricing Management

Customize your catalog and set unique pricing for your different buyer groups. 

Providing a more personal shopping experience ensures your online channel maximizes order values from your B2B customers.

Case study: Lavazza

B2B Ordering Workflows

Tailor the selling, quoting, and ordering process for each individual customer. 
Build custom workflows, automate tasks unique to your operations, and flexibly create new workflows for emerging business processes.

Perfect Search

Leverage the full power of search and turn it into your competitive advantage. 
Native integration with Elasticsearch and Azure Cognitive Search engines ensures your customers always find what they are looking for.

Case study: Standaard Boekhandel

Merchandising and Promotions

Merchandising ensures relevant products are served to customers to maximize shopping cart amounts.

Promotions, whether seasonal coupons or strategic discounts, attract new buyers and incentivize existing customers to buy from your online store.

Integrations into Other Systems

A platform must integrate with your other business systems to be successful.

Integrate into popular tools and frequently-used systems including ERP, payment systems, tax systems, google analytics, and more!

Faster Go-to-Market
Faster Go-to-Market
digital transformation
Out-of-Box B2B Solutions
complicated ecommerce scenario
Fully Composable
Flexibility & Extensibility
Flexibility & Extensibility
ecommerce platform
Compared to other B2B eCommerce platforms in the market, Virto Commerce helps businesses experience the fastest launch, risk-free innovation, and the lowest TCO. Christened as API-driven, Virto has the strongest out-of-the-box capabilities for business-to-business, such as real-time inventory management, superior catalog, order, and pricing management, as well as specific reporting, and customer engagement analytics.
Thanks to out-of-box B2B solutions and best-of-breed integrations, Virto makes a perfect fit for leading your digital transformation and for implementing your unique cross-platform B2B ecommerce strategy.
Our fully composable .NET Core eCommerce Platform is specially designed to support complicated ecommerce scenarios and manage sophisticated B2B ecommerce relationships.
Virto Commerce gives you unlimited flexibility and extensibility. Unlock new revenue sources and grow your business with the help of Virto Commerce experts
By powering up your ecommerce site with Virto Commerce, you invest in your future: a seamlessly and efficiently working ecommerce platform means stronger customer relationships, more sales and revenue.

B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

We’ve compared our software with different SaaS and open-source competing products, both from the B2C and B2B marketspace. During the research, we used such criteria as average licensing and implementation costs, time to market, out-of-the-box features, open-source code, self-service functionality, and cloud strategy. As can be clearly seen from the following table, Virto Commerce performed highly against the criteria and turned out to be the most cost-effective and technological from all ecommerce platforms.

Virto Commerce
SAP Commerce
CX Commerce

License cost







Time to market







Average implementation cost







Easy to modify







Cloud strategy


Monolythic app


Monolythic app

Monolythic app

2 separate apps

New capabilities release cycle







Affordable extensibility







Out-of-the-box B2B capabilities







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How do I choose the right B2B platform for my business?

When choosing, look for a scalable, headless, API-driven solution with a modular cloud-based architecture. Preferably, it’s an open source software with a crucial set of features out of the box. Some essential features to look for include corporate account management structure with account granularity, access levels, and permissions and account-based catalog, pricing, and promotion management.

Are there free solutions for digital B2B commerce?

Yes, there are plenty of free solutions, which are typically labeled as open source. However, open source typically entails additional expenses, such as licensing, hosting provider, security and PCI compliance, and custom development fees.

Are there any advantages to selling on a B2B ecommerce platform?

The advantages include broadening your customer base and reaching new markets, creating a superior customer shopping journey, taking advantage of better data analytics and reporting, as well as integrating critical systems to create a single source of truth.

Which industries can B2B e-commerce be applied to?

It can be applied to many industries, from wholesale to retail, from construction to healthcare. As long as businesses trade with other businesses electronically, they are deemed to be engaging in it.

How long does it take to build a B2B platform?

A typical ecommerce website takes from six to ten weeks to develop. Websites for smaller businesses can be usually accomplished within a month, while a larger business might require additional development work and custom modules that can take months to build and refine.

How easy is it to integrate an ERP system with a B2B platform?

Provided the software of your choice is API-driven and easy to integrate with, ERP integration (as well as integrations with any other internal systems) should not be difficult and can be accomplished within a couple of days by a single developer through low code scenarios. With that said, ERP integration is a complex process, so choosing ecommerce solution partners therefore should be made with ERP integration and your business objectives in mind.

How to secure your B2B ecommerce platform?

Security should be one of your top priorities. Among a few important elements that ensure the security of your software are regular backups, layered security, SSL and PCI DSS certification and best of breed security solutions.