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Forrester predicts that by 2019, the B2B eсommerce market will be worth $1.1T
compared to the B2C market at $480B. Virto Commerce ensures businesses
thrive in the market with features specifically tailored for the B2B market.
Dedicated to B2B ecommerce solutions
While there are similarities between B2C and B2B ecommerce platforms, the actual B2B interactions are quite different, and present a number of unique characteristics and challenges at every stage of the business process. This means that, for a successful B2B ecommerce solutions implementation, both short and long term, the architecture and functionality of the platform needs to be specific to the B2B market. So while certain business activities, such as a product marketplace, may seem similar between B2B and B2C, the actual business logic and processes are drastically different.
Cloud-based best B2B ecommerce platform
By using a cloud in B2B ecommerce software, businesses are able to eliminate infrastructural limitations that hinder business growth. With this limitation removed, departments can grow and adapt as fast as they need to. With instant, on-demand scaling, marketing campaigns can be executed as fast as they need to, while transparent budgeting allows for easier budget planning and accounting. Plus, with fast upgrades and low maintenance, time can be spent on tasks that affect the bottom line, such as developing new business models or expanding distributor models.
Open source B2B ecommerce software
These days, companies expect tools that allow them to adapt to market trends, with the shortest time-to-market. This is no different for B2B ecommerce software, where flexibility is especially important. Open source is the market standard now, which in turn helps reduce implementation risks, as well as making team training and support easier.
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  • 5/5
    "A Highly Advanced B2B Ecommerce Platform For Serious Business"
  • 5/5
    "The best B2B e-commerce software - these guys knows what they do!"
  • 5/5
    "The ease to build complex B2B scenarios, solutions for distributors and manufacturers."
B2B Ecommerce Platform Features
B2B e-commerce solutions are revolutionizing transactional protocols and processes. Every step in the customer fulfillment process, from merchandising to financial services, is optimized by a well designed B2B ecommerce platform.
Corporate account management
Flexible B2B e-commerce software's architecture, combined with sophisticated rules and management features, allows for a whole spectrum of business scenarios, while also customizing the B2B experience for each company.
Quote management and price negotiation
B2B purchase deals can be a complex process, with multiple stages and approval processes with multiple stakeholders. It can also differ from one company to another, which is why it’s so important to have your ERP systems integrated and your communication with customers and partners seamless. This way orders can go off without a hitch, and conversion rates increase.
Multiple stores, channels, regions in a single b2b ecommerce platform
A good platform should be able to scale at any scenario, whether it’s one storefront or hundreds. With our platform, you can create a unique online store for a large client, or build a distributor network across multiple countries, all the while accounting for different languages and local laws and tax systems.
B2B catalog personalization and price management
With our personalization system, you can customize catalogs to include details of the history of the customer relationship. This allows for the adjustment of catalog items based on the agreements you have with the customer, their budget, and previous quotes. This in turn shortens the negotiation process and improves customer loyalty.
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Our B2B customers about the platform
Kevin Cory
VP-Technology and Strategic
Planning, GC Incentives
«The new B2B platform takes advantage of a lot of the latest thoughts on high performance, high quality software development. By adopting this B2B ecommerce solution, we are adopting technologies that will allow us to better structure how we build the rest of our systems internally.»
Sergey Sinyugin
CEO Kupinatao
«Using Virto Commerce platform capabilities we have created very powerful system of gathering, publication and managing customer reviews. This system helps Kupinatao customers make the right choice out of millions of positions and drives our sales.»
Olga Lomko
Marketing Director Kitmall.ru
«Virto Commerce lets us reduce the number of people involved in management of B2B product promotions from six to one. We don’t depend on IT guys anymore, and everybody benefits from this.»
Best B2B eCommerce Platform Integrations
Google Analytics
by Virto Commerce
Google Ecommerce Analytics module allows you to use the newly launched feature of Google Analytics - Enchanced Ecommerce.
Mailchimp integration with Virto Commerce
by Virto Commerce
Integration with MailChimp newsletters sending system.
SendGrid Integration module
by Virto Commerce
Provide email marketing campaigns using SendGrid innovative module.
Marketo Integration module
by Virto Commerce
Attract more buyers, nurture leads, identify opportunities and deliver sales orders with Marketo integration.
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