Order Management Software

Order Management

Order Management Software

Virto Commerce provides an industry leading document based order management software that streamlines your order handling and fulfillment processes from sales quote to delivery. It ensures fast and easy purchasing and shipping for your customers helping improve your sales rates and order processing accuracy.

The Virto Commerce ecommerce order management system can be integrated into complex enterprise workflows - including many leading OMS, IMS, ERP, accounting and fulfillment systems.


Order status management

Track orders and manage different order statuses – ex. confirmed/not confirmed, shipped (full order or partially), delivered, paid/unpaid/split payments, etc. Your order statuses will automatically get updated on different channels. In addition, our Virto Commerce inventory management solution allows you to automatically sync the sales data to the inventory logs, constantly assuring accuracy; and the cloud-based system makes your data secure, yet accessible for you from anywhere.

Invoice and payment processing

Track and process payments with a convenient straight-forward system. The sophisticated sales order management tools allow you to easily generate invoices, charge customer’s credit card or another agreed form of payment, record the payments and sync them with your accounting system. You can also accommodate special quotes and split payments with ease.

Streamlining and automation of recurring purchases

Make recurring orders a breeze. Virto Commerce web order management system allows your customers to make repeated purchases with a few simple clicks using tool like:

• Customer order history

• Subscription management

Full customization

Personalize the purchasing process for your customers. In Virto Commerce cloud order management system you can set special Quotes & Purchase Orders for your buyers with a few clicks. Your partners will also be able to make orders from within their own procurement application or hosted e-procurement system with the PunchOut support.

Partial order fulfillment

Virto Commerce makes managing partial fulfillment a simple and painless process with tools like:

• Order tracking

• Split payments

• Split order shipment

Easy tracking

Avoid double handling errors, inventory tracking mistakes and disjointed data. Virto Commerce order management solution provides options like:

• Search orders

• Define & associate documents

These will make it easy to catch any inconsistencies right away and avoid errors.

Returns, refunds and exchanges

Virto Commerce lets you issue refunds, generate order shipment returns and handle exchanges. You have an option to mention a return reason for further analysis and to restock product, if needed.

Virto Commerce platform is not your ordinary order management software – it offers an opportunity to arrange and streamline your workflow, helps keep track of your inventory and order status, facilitates accounting and logistics and is fully customizable to your business’ unique needs and requirement.

Module-based architecture makes it an agile platform, easy and safe to modify, add and remove features and integrate into your existing business processes and supporting software.