Cloud ecommerce platform
from Virto Commerce

All the freedom of cloud ecommerce platform architecture
All the features, scalability and security of Microsoft Cloud

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  • We know Virto Commerce. Having managed and operated several large e-commerce websites ourselves for many years, we can now confidently state that we know all the secrets, tips, and tricks of online trade from our own experience! We apply this knowledge in the development of the Virto Commerce, which is what makes our cloud ecommerce platform truly shine.

    We are a global company dedicated to providing the best custom solutions for our partners and customers with our cloud ecommerce platform. Virto Commerce has module-based PaaS architecture, which gives your developers the freedom to scale and extend Virto Commerce in any way required for your business and to build any custom features you might need as well.

    Great performance, stability, security and minimum hassle – that’s what Virto Commerce is all about!

    • Software as a Service When you chose to build your online store on our cloud ecommerce platform, you get to let go of all the hassle associated with its maintenance and upkeep. We take away care of everything, including uptime, regular maintenance, security, and updates, so you can focus on business features.
    • Source control Source control is included and all your customizations will be saved and available for review at any time.
    • Backups With the Virto Commerce cloud ecommerce platform you never have to worry about data loss. We backup your site files and database in multiple locations, so you can always restore any missing data or roll back to any point in time in the past 30 days.
    • Stability and Security Virto Commerce experts will work with your development team and provide constant support to make sure your e-commerce store code is secure, optimized and fast. We have rocket scientists, so you can rest assured the development of your online store is in good hands.
    • Staging & Deployment Developer staging and production deployment of the Virto Commerce cloud e-commerce platform is done using automation scripts. You will be able to preview any changes in the live staging environment deployed in the cloud.
    • 24/7 IT Support Our support team is knowledgeable and highly professional, and available at all times. So in the case of any emergency, we will handle that 2 am call for you.

What experts are saying about our cloud ecommerce platform?

  • 5/5
    "A Highly Advanced Cloud Ecommerce Platform For Serious Business"
  • 5/5
    "A Highly Advanced Cloud Ecommerce Platform For Serious Business"
  • 5/5
    "The ease to build complex B2B scenarios, solutions for distributors and manufacturers."
Google Analitics
by Virto Commerce
Google Ecommerce Analytics module allows you to use the newly launched feature of Google Analytics - Enchanced Ecommerce.
Mailchimp integration with Virto Commerce
by Virto Commerce
Integration with MailChimp newsletters sending system.
SendGrid Integration module
by Virto Commerce
Provide email marketing campaigns using SendGrid innovative module.
Marketo Integration module
by Virto Commerce
Attract more buyers, nurture leads, identify opportunities and deliver sales orders with Marketo integration.

Cloud eCommerce Platform Pricing

One-Time Setup

per site, if you're working with one of our solution partners, setup fees are only $295

Setup fees include top-to-bottom code review of your site, optimization, Git repository setup as well as help migrating your existing data from previous Virto Commerce sites or other ecommerce systems

prices are per month
Call Us

Pricing is based on sales generated through Virto Commerce Platform

Monthly fees include hosting on Microsoft Cloud

You can migrate to your own environment at anytime

Developer Support (Optional)
prices are per month, per person
  • $795

    1 business day response time

    Code Review

  • $1,495

    12 hour response time

    Priority Support

    Dedicated Account Manager

  • Call Us

    6 hour response time

    one escalation ticket w/1-hour response time

    Enterprise modules

    Priority Support

    Dedicated Account Manager

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  • elastic
  • net
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  • jq
  • angular