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A Virto Commerce community expert is an individual with expertise in Virto Commerce who participates actively in both online and offline communities in order to share their knowledge and expertise with other partners and customers of Virto Commerce. The increasing number of individuals sharing expertise and knowledge is reflected in the Virto Commerce community that is growing at an incredible pace.

Virto Commerce values the community experts on an individual level to recognize the achievements of the developers and architects through their level of expertise and experience in working on Virto Commerce.

Individual levels

Virto Commerce distinguishes between 3 different types of experts:
Virto Commerce trained professional
Entry level for a person who has passed a professional training course and has little or no implementation experience, but is not yet certified.
Virto Commerce certified developer
An individual developer with a proven competency through both implementation experience and skills certification.
Virto Commerce certified architect
An individual architect with a proven competency through both implementation experience and skills certification.

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Virto Commerce ensures your success by providing a worldwide community of digital commerce experts to achieve their e-commerce implementation goals. You receive the essential tools, support, expertise, and strategy to guide your e-commerce technical expertise to the next level. Read more about the Virto Commerce partner services.

Virto Commerce offers instructor led training courses in two distinct tracks: Developer Training and Solution Architect Training. Read more about the Virto Commerce training courses.

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