Building open ecosystems to support complex digital B2B commerce

Extract from the DC360 report on key findings from the 2020 B2B ecommerce market. Download now ⟶

Since all parties involved in the B2B ecosystem are now demanding a more friendly digital workspace and convenient experience, service providers are finding ways to meet those expectations.

Discover how an open ecommerce ecosystem allows B2B companies to adapt to the quickly changing environment and leverage the benefits of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The interview with Evgeny Grigul, Vice President of Virto Commerce, can be downloaded via the form above.

However, if you would also like to consult the full report of DC30, you can download it via this link ⟶

Transform your business through digital commerce to respond quickly to the changing markets. Everyone dreams of returning to normal. Those who invest in ecommerce now will survive afterwards.

Evgeny Grigul Vice President of Virto Commerce

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