A headless API-based architecture makes a B2B ecommerce platform customer focused

Extract from the DC360 report Customer Experience. Download now ⟶

The difference between keeping customers loyal or losing customers to competitors is offering a seamless customer experience (CX) for online B2B buyers. So CX should be the primary focus of any B2B ecommerce platform - rather than functionalities and technologies. 

Make sure to read this interview with our CEO, Alexander Siniouguine, on how a B2B ecommerce platform with a headless API-based architecture will ensure CX.

However, if you would also like to consult the full report of DC30, you can download it via this link ⟶

Companies must build unique experiences. Therefore, a B2B ecommerce platform should be 100% compatible with the company's and customers' needs and expectations. The architecture should provide flexibility so the platform can quickly adapt to business changes, new technologies and new customer demands.

Alexander Siniouguine CEO Virto Commerce

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