Transitioning to a Headless Composable eCommerce Ecosystem

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Transitioning to a Headless Composable eCommerce Ecosystem

B2B buyers demand better service and competition between sellers, so online businesses continue to use technology ecosystems designed to serve customers. 

Therefore, a headless approach to a cloud based composable ecommerce environment is important for the future of B2B ecommerce. Make sure to read the interview with Evgeny Grigul, our Vice President and Co Founder, on how to transition to a headless composable ecommerce system.

However, if you would also like to consult the full report of DC30, you can download it via this link ⟶

The most important principle is that business must change its mindset to headless composable ecommerce. Customer experience is the key. Companies should focus on service, not software.

Evgeny Grigul Vice President, Virto Commerce

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