Direct to Consumer Loyalty Portal for manufacturers

The only way to deliver a unique customer experience, in the long run, is to grow your own customer loyalty solution on top of a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform.
 Loyalty Portal for manufacturers

Why is the D2C Loyalty Portal for manufacturers by Virto Commerce a perfect fit for your digital strategy?

Start delivering unique user experience to your end consumers within 3 months.
Connection with your end consumers
Virto Commerce D2C Loyalty Portal makes it possible to communicate and influence your consumers directly, build relationships and help you to know your customers.
Trusted by enterprises around the world
D2C portals based on the Virto Commerce platform are used by enterprises around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.
Absolute freedom for your digital strategy
Virto Commerce cloud-native D2C Portal provides absolute out-of-the-box flexibility and gives total freedom of integration with any ERP, logistics providers, marketing tools, and AI services.

Everything you need to run a successful and scalable D2C eCommerce solution

Channels for each different audience and brand
Deliver a unique brand loyalty customer experience to multiple audiences with different languages, currencies, business rules, product catalog structure, pricing and marketing.
Align your portal with your loyalty program
Implement your own reward model for consumers. Use a points-based purchasing system or convert it to actual currency for rewards. Achieve a high level of automation for all processes.
Integrate easily with all business software
Turn your API-based customer loyalty portal into a real digital gateway for your end consumers. Integrate easily with any CRM, ERP, fulfillment providers or any other service.

Discover how Virto Commerce solves the manufacturer's challenge of obtaining a direct connection with the end consumer

The main features of the Virto Commerce D2C Loyalty Portal

Different channels
For different brands and channels
Gain digital catalog management functionality with flexible taxonomy and selective availability that can easily be used for different brands and channels.
Rewards management
Rewards management
Set up custom workflows to fit your business model and invent new ones: quotes, subscriptions, reordering, contract-based pricing, multilevel approval workflow, and others.
Mobile-friendly loyalty portal
Virto Commerce Customer Loyalty Portal gives your customers access to your loyalty portal from any device at their convenience.
Easy integration with external service providers
Simple integration with fulfillment providers and other third-party services makes it possible to deliver the best customer experience.
Loyalty managers
Loyalty managers and support friendly
It is always possible to check a log history or log in on behalf of a business user, see what he sees and solve the problem.
Consumer personal cabinet
Consumer personal cabinet
Everything a consumer needs to be loyal through a full range of self-service options.

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