Virto Commerce Page Builder

Page Builder

Create mobile-optimized and ecommerce-ready landing pages in minutes with full control of your digital presence and without a single line of code. This powerful ecommerce tool enables you to promote your products and run marketing campaigns at scale.

Everything you need to build better landing pages at scale

The Virto Commerce Page Builder brings an independent and agile experience as you create, edit, and publish your web content regardless of your technical background.

Retrieve ecommerce data

Pull up any SKU, category or a promo bundle directly onto your landing page on the fly.

Sell products in 1 click

Shorten your customer's buying journey by adding products directly to their shopping carts.

Tailor content to your customer

Personalize your content based on organization, user group or other property, set up in the back end.

Virto Commerce Page Builder

Integrate into your ecommerce solution

Leverage the ecommerce integration to start delivering value to your sales funnel without dealing with developer resources to make things work for you.

Dynamic messaging

Increase your chances of conversion by personalizing user experiences with data from your ads.

A/B testing & experiments

Try out different copy, designs & messaging and optimize your pages for better conversions.

Lead capturing & processing

Capture leads via web forms and send their data to apps you already use.

Optimize your content publishing

Reduce the number of people involved in the steps of publishing content to one. Let anyone in your team design, create, edit, publish and iterate without a single line of code.

Better resource allocation. Developers can devote their time to mission-critical work instead of supporting the publication of content that does require time.

Decentralize the publishing process. Eliminate time-consuming centralized hierarchies and empower your departments to create and execute content autonomously.

Iterate rapidly. There is no more need to compile your thoughts, communicate to designers, wait for developers or get approval from QA to publish a web page.

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Page builder is perfect for everybody


Marketers who plan marketing campaigns regularly need a tool to quickly run experiments at scale to find the best conversion configuration.

We support marketers planning marketing campaigns in advertising efficiency by offering a tool for experimenting with various landing page configurations and integrating the dynamic commerce data into static pages.

Content managers

Content managers who generate landing pages need a tool to quickly create and manage several different landing pages at the same time.

We support the quick and easy publication of landing pages by offering a tool that allows landing pages and forms to be created and managed in minutes - with drag-and-drop content management experience and without a single line of code.

Category managers

Category managers responsible for developing a specific brand, product category, or vendor need a tool to regularly highlight various promotions.

We support the reach of category managers by providing a tool for creating unlimited landing pages that are mobile-responsive and fully customizable for a specific brand, product, or vendor/supplier groups that are personalized within one’s unique design styles or preferences.


Developers who support marketing teams from a technical development perspective need a tool to fully control the functionality and code.

We support code transparency by publishing our source code in GitHub and providing a flexible tool to simply create new or customize existing content blocks and easily integrate with the Virto Commerce ecosystem.

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