VirtoCommerce Support Service Terms and Conditions


VirtoCommerce support service (“VirtoCommerce Support”) has two levels: Standard Support (basic support level available with paid up Enterprise License) and Premium Support (available for purchase) which provide varying hours of coverage and increasing levels of response, starting from 3 business days for low priority issues and down to 1 hour for critical ones. 

Access to VirtoCommerce Support is typically provided for a VirtoCommerce authorized partner (“VirtoCommerce Partner”) on Licensee's behalf. This ensures that experienced and knowledgeable support personnel are available to provide direct support of the solution. 

Licensees with VirtoCommerce “Certified Developers”, certified under VirtoCommerce Professional Training program and passed the certification exam, and active VirtoCommerce Enterprise License are provided with access to VirtoCommerce Support.  

Premium Support is provided to any Licensee subject to payment of applicable fees.  

VirtoCommerce Support is not provided for License under Community License and/or Virto Commerce Open Source License. 

In addition to support services described above VirtoCommerce provides several resources for self-service and access to professional expert services including trainings, technical consulting, and business optimization services. Further details on these offerings is available in Additional Sources of Help section in this document. 

Access to support

Access to VirtoCommerce Support is offered online through VirtoCommerce Support Portal (“Support Portal”) available at

User shall submit a request / open support ticket through Support Portal for all incident severity levels. Upon receipt of a properly submitted request / support ticket, VirtoCommerce Support shall be prioritized and will be responded to in accordance with the priority levels set forth in Service Level Agreement.  

To log in, Licensee should use the e-mail address specified in VirtoCommerce Commercial License Agreement. 

Access: Prerequisites 

To acquire access to create requests / open support tickets on the Support Portal, the following prerequisites must be met: 

  • A user must be representing an active VirtoCommerce Partner or VirtoCommerce Licensee. 

  • A user must have passed a VirtoCommerce Professional Training program. 

  • A user must be able to provide a valid VirtoCommerce License ID associated with an active VirtoCommerce Commercial License Agreement. 

Access: Exceptions  

For VirtoCommerce Licensees who do not have any users with appropriate Certified Developer certifications it is highly recommended to contact VirtoCommerce Sales Representative through VirtoCommerce Partner. 

If this is not possible, access to VirtoCommerce Support can be granted to non-certified users in the following cases: 

  • VirtoCommerce Licensee has a valid VirtoCommerce contract (i.e. valid license agreement, professional service agreement, etc.). Such access is subject to a limit of a single user per Licensee and can only be used to raise service requests associated with the corresponding VirtoCommerce solution under the contract. 

  • VirtoCommerce Licensee has a valid Standard Support or Premium Support services. Temporary full access can be granted to a single user who scheduled a VirtoCommerce Professional Training on a future date and has not completed it yet. 

  • VirtoCommerce Customer has a valid Premium Support services. Users can escalate critical production issues by directly calling a VirtoCommerce Support Hotline number. 

If access to VirtoCommerce Support Portal has not been granted as part of the initial VirtoCommerce on-boarding or training process, ensure above prerequisites are met and contact your VirtoCommerce Sales Representative. 

For all other cases “Additional Sources of Help” section should be used. 

Account sharing 

Any VirtoCommerce Support services sharing and/or user account sharing is prohibited. Every VirtoCommerce user account is assigned to an individual and must not be shared with other people. Accessing the VirtoCommerce Support Portal with another person's account is a violation of VirtoCommerce security policies and may result in termination of VirtoCommerce Support.

Scope of support

VirtoCommerce Support provides investigation, respond and resolution of issues related with VirtoCommerce products, documentation, and services. VirtoCommerce Support services do not include consulting or training of any kind. 

Support scope 

The following types of issues are in scope for VirtoCommerce Support: 

  • Errors or unexpected behavior in VirtoCommerce software found during installation, development processes and in production environment. 

  • Errors or omissions in product documentation. 

  • Unavailability or unexpected behavior of VirtoCommerce software. 

What Support excludes 

VirtoCommerce Support does not include any support to non-VirtoCommerce products or third-party products not licensed under the License Agreement. Virto Commerce Support also does not include any support for: (i) Software not operated on a supported hardware/operating system platform specified in the release notes for the Software; (ii) altered or modified Software or any derivative works, developed by anyone other than VirtoCommerce, unless such alterations or modifications were confirmed and approved by VirtoCommerce; (iii) Software accessed on unlicensed Servers; (iv) problems caused by Licensee's negligence, misuse, or hardware malfunction; or (v) use of the Software inconsistent with VIRTO's instructions.  

Following are examples of questions that are also excluded from VirtoCommerce Support scope: 

  • Inquiries regarding implementation advice, such as hardware requirements, installation assistance, upgrade planning, errors originated by unsupported or undocumented installation or upgrade scenarios, best practices and integration with other software. 

  • Questions related to the design, configuration, or customization of applications built using VirtoCommerce software. VirtoCommerce Commercial License Agreement restricts modifications to officially published version of VirtoCommerce Software source code. 

  • Questions related to any scenarios not described in VirtoCommerce documentation. 

  • Any inquiries related to administration or optimization, such as performance tuning, optimizing databases, deployment scenarios, archiving, backup and recovery, and any other third-party applications. 

  • Any training questions including product use, best practices, and how-to questions. 

  • Any inquiries relating to business processes or business logic of applications built using VirtoCommerce software. 

  • Any questions related to future and non-released products, preview versions of VirtoCommerce software or shared source modules. 

  • Any queries that require analysis or modifications of the .NET code written in programming languages different from the Microsoft Visual C#. 

For questions of this nature, we provide several resources to support our partners and customers. Please have a look below in Additional Sources of Help section. 

For any information in regard to VirtoCommerce license details, marketing, or other sales-related questions please contact your VirtoCommerce Sales Representative. 

VirtoCommerce JavaScript Services (JSS) support 

Please note that only Server-side JSS components are supported by VirtoCommerce Support. Client-side JavaScript JSS components are open source, and therefore not supported by VirtoCommerce Support.  

Also, considering JSS framework flexibility and customization options, it is important to draw the line between VirtoCommerce-produced parts and the custom parts of the solutions that were built using JSS. Having said that, we support only scenarios that can be reproduced using the basic JSS project (produced by JSS CLI) and a clean VirtoCommerce instance with installed JSS package. 

Supported Products and Support Lifecycle

VirtoCommerce utilizes three support phases as part of the VirtoCommerce Support Lifecycle applicable to all commercial VirtoCommerce products: 

Mainstream Support Phase 

The latest products or product versions are eligible for the full scope of VirtoCommerce Support services provided by VirtoCommerce. 

Extended Support Phase 

Older products or product versions that are no longer eligible to be Mainstream Support products. VirtoCommerce will assist its customers with migration to a newer version of the product before it goes into Extended Support. However, as this is not always possible, VirtoCommerce provides Extended Support to ensure your VirtoCommerce products remain secure and supported in case of production issues. 

Sustaining Support Phase 

These are products or product versions that are no longer eligible to be Extended Support products. In rare situations when customers are not able to migrate to the latest product versions before the products are no longer eligible to be Extended Support products, VirtoCommerce may provide Sustaining Support as a stop-gap solution for getting limited assistance with production issues and access to online documentation. 

Up-to-date details of which versions of a particular product are in support can be found at any time here.

Support Offerings and Service Level Agreements

All VirtoCommerce Support services shall be provided in English language only. 

Standard Support 

Standard Support service is designed to help VirtoCommerce Certified Developers to stay on track with their projects and production environment support commitments. Standard Support services provide online Support Portal assistance only where developers can create, update, and track support tickets. 

Operation hours for Standard Support are business hours in the location where the VirtoCommerce license was purchased, as provided in the Service Level Agreement. 

Response time for Standard Support requests depend on the issue severity as provided in the Service Level Agreement. 

Premium Support 

Premium Support service is specifically designed for customers that require enhanced response time for regular support issues as well as round-the-clock support for business-critical situations and is available for purchase as an optional extra service to all VirtoCommerce customers. 

Operation hours for Premium Support clients for Critical and High severity issues are 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, as provided in the Service Level Agreement. 

Provision of Premium Support is subject to payment of applicable fees. 

Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

For every support issue request / opened support ticket VirtoCommerce determines the appropriate severity level, response, and resolution times in accordance with the Support level – Standard Support or Premium Support – applicable to the Licensee. 

Full details about VirtoCommerce business hours, severity definitions, response and resolution times can be requested from your Sales Representative. 

Licensee’s Obligations

Licensee is responsible for the prompt installation of all Updates and Fixes to the Software, as provided by VirtoCommerce. Licensee shall provide reasonable cooperation and full information to VirtoCommerce with respect to the furnishing of VirtoCommerce Support. Licensee shall designate one or more users that are authorized to engage VirtoCommerce Support. Licensee shall contact their VirtoCommerce Partner for assistance. 

Additional Sources of Help

In addition to its Support Portal, VirtoCommerce provides a variety of online resources, training, and additional services. This section outlines some of these resources and provides guidance for acquiring further information. 

VirtoCommerce Documentation Library 

VirtoCommerce online documentation includes technical documentation, tool downloads, code snippets, reference documents, FAQs, and articles. Documents cover a range of website construction levels and topics, API details, troubleshooting techniques, relevant conceptual articles, tutorials, external integration examples, training materials and more. Access the VirtoCommerce Documentation Library at

VirtoCommerce Training 

VirtoCommerce training addresses the learning needs of all types of VirtoCommerce users, from developers and administrators, to business users and marketers. 

We provide on-site training courses for our customers and partners. For course availability and delivery option please contact your local VirtoCommerce Sales Representative. 

VirtoCommerce Consulting Services 

VirtoCommerce Consulting Services are designed to provide VirtoCommerce Solution Partners with deep technical skills and experience to support project success. 

Designed to work with project teams, these services are focused on providing implementation guidance and technical assistance via a series of reviews, checkpoints, and practical services. 

Consulting Services are available for all VirtoCommerce Partners but can be especially relevant for organizations new to working with VirtoCommerce. Many of these services are built based on the knowledge from VirtoCommerce Developer Trainings thus by communicating best practices and real-world knowledge of implementing VirtoCommerce early in the partner relationship enabling success from your very first project. 

For further details, please contact your local VirtoCommerce Sale Representative. 

Business Optimization Consulting Services 

VirtoCommerce Business Optimization Consulting Services focus on providing our partners with the ability to maximize the return of investment for their customers through generation of significant, quantifiable business values using VirtoCommerce products. 

Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of implementation and usage of VirtoCommerce products, VirtoCommerce Business Optimization Services focus on establishing the digital maturity of the customer organization, identifying where the customer would like to be and then developing practical plans to achieve that goal. 

For further details, please contact your local VirtoCommerce Sales Representative. 

VirtoCommerce Community Forum, VirtoCommerce Blogs, and More 

VirtoCommerce Community Forum is an active online community of VirtoCommerce users. This forum offers a wealth of shared experiences among many VirtoCommerce Certified developers worldwide with latest and historical insight available 24x7. Access the VirtoCommerce Community Forum through

VirtoCommerce blog and other information resources are available on the web and maintained by VirtoCommerce community. Some of the popular locations include technical VirtoCommerce blogs at, as well as the community-driven information at StackOverflow:

License to Use VirtoCommerce Materials

Any use of VirtoCommerce documentation, FAQs, Forum, Blog and/or other content or materials provided by VirtoCommerce and/or on VirtoCommerce websites (“Materials”) shall be subject to this limited, temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, and non-sublicensable license granted to user to access and use the Materials for its internal use to develop and maintain its own current and future e-commerce solutions. Ownership of the Materials and all rights, title and interest in and to any intellectual property associated with the Materials shall remain solely and exclusively with VirtoCommerce or the respective owners of such intellectual property.  




User grants a royalty-free, sublicensable, irrevocable, perpetual license to use and commercially exploit any suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations or other feedback (“Feedback”) provided by user relating to any product or service owned by VirtoCommerce without restriction and with no obligation to Licensee.


For information relating to VirtoCommerce use of data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. For further information related to usage of VirtoCommerce support portal, please refer to our Terms of Use.


VirtoCommerce reserves the right to provide VirtoCommerce Support through VirtoCommerce Partner or to subcontract any or all of the work to be performed under VirtoCommerce Support. VirtoCommerce Support shall be governed by these Support Service Terms and Conditions and applicable VirtoCommerce License Agreement. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that VirtoCommerce shall have the right to terminate the provision of VirtoCommerce Support upon nonpayment of any fees due to VirtoCommerce. Without VirtoCommerce written consent, Licensee shall not provide access to any personally identifiable information for purposes of VirtoCommerce Support. 

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