Virto Commerce cloud native enterprise e-commerce platform

The only way to deliver a unique customer experience over the long term is to grow your own e-commerce solution on top of a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform.

The Virto Commerce platform is a reliable basis for any enterprise e-commerce solution

Start delivering a unique user experience within 3 months and keep improving your digital business without any restrictions.
Develop business features, reuse the technological foundation

By using the Virto Commerce enterprise e-commerce platform, our customers focus on business features, deliver unique business models and user experience. The platform delivers the architecture and technological foundation, out-of-the-box.

Trusted by enterprises around the world

Enterprise e-commerce solutions based on the Virto Commerce platform are used by enterprises all over the world including Fortune 500 companies.

Absolute freedom for your digital strategy

Virto Commerce cloud native enterprise e-commerce platform provides absolute out-of-the-box flexibility, scalable architecture, solves any e-commerce challenge and gives total freedom of integration with any ERP, marketing tools or AI services.

Everything you need to build any successful and scalable enterprise e-commerce solution

B2B2C webshops
Webshops for selling goods and services in a multi-channel retail format with the ability of adding complex B2B features.
B2B portals
B2B portals are offered for in-depth B2B collaboration with application of complex business rules and focus on buyer efficiency.
D2C loyalty portals
A portal that allows manufacturers to build direct relations with customers, collect their feedback, stimulate them and sell directly.
E-catalogs allow to manage product details and make this information available on your website, in your partner's catalogs, marketplaces.
Online marketplaces
Marketplaces make it possible for people and companies to sell and buy products within one platform without having their own e-commerce solution.
Distribution portals
Distribution portals are designed to record supplier proposals and consumer requests and to map out a non-commercial context in a straightforward way.
Employee remote workspaces
Solutions that work as a proxy for other internal applications (ERPs, CRM, DWH) and collect all required functions in one convenient interface to increase labor efficiency, reduce risks and save money on licenses.
SaaS solutions for e-commerce
SaaS e-commerce providers build complex niche SaaS solutions on top of Virto Commerce to guarantee solution quality and eliminate technical risks.
Collective purchasing platforms
E-commerce solutions aimed at organizing and managing collective purchasing actions performed by companies or physical bodies.

Discover how Virto Commerce solves your e-commerce challenges

Virto Commerce platform for business

Spend budget for business features instead of foundation

According to experts, when building your own platform from scratch, 80% of your budget will be spent on the general platform and only 20% on valuable business features. Spend 100% of your budget on your business needs with the Virto Commerce platform.

Multi-channel, multi-language, multi-currency

Virto Commerce platform is ready to support business expansion in any direction. Build new sites, mobile apps, chatbots for different countries, brands and audiences on the same back-end without code and product data replication.

Agile friendly software

Virto Commerce platform supports an agile way of e-commerce implementation projects. It delivers business value fast and then continues by gradually extending the solution, adding new features, functions and integrations with fast release cycles.

Build your custom e-commerce ecosystem

No one should expect that (any) vendor can cover all business needs. Virto Commerce, an enterprise API-based e-commerce solution, is capable of integrating with any modern business software: ERP, marketing tools, AI services, CRM etc.

Full set of functionalities for cases of any complexity

Virto Commerce is designed to build solutions of any complexity on top of it with minimum costs and risks. Absolutely flexible catalog, pricing, merchandising, marketing, account management allows to resolve scenarios for almost any industry.

Build your own business models and UX

If you would use a non-flexible out-of-the-box solution, your company will operate in the same way as your competitors who use the same software. The only way to deliver a unique customer experience over the long term is to grow your own e-commerce solution on top of a reliable and flexible enterprise e-commerce platform.

Virto Commerce platform for architects

Modular architecture

The modular architecture of Virto Commerce resolves monolith risks: Virto Commerce is very adaptable to changes, to adding new functionalities, and to discarding obsolescence.


Virto Commerce is designed and developed as a modular API-based e-commerce platform. This means there are literally no functions that can be used bypassing API so that the platform can be integrated with the external software without any restrictions from the platform side.

Open source

Multiple options for up-sell and cross-sell technologies include flexible management of product association lists and integration with AI recommendation services.

Customizable & extendable platform

You don't need to obtain external plugins with the uncertain quality that fits 90% of your needs. Design and evolve the functionality on top of the Virto Commerce platform that is 100% suitable for your business needs with a minimum of cost and risk.


Due to the modern modular architecture, the Virto Commerce platform enables to carry out implementation projects in an agile way. It is possible to start acting locally (in terms of countries, functions, processes) and then continue gradually extending the solution by adding new features, functions and integrations with fast release cycles.


The Virto Commerce platform was designed and developed as a cloud solution from the very beginning. No hidden vestiges from "before cloud" times, no ugly workarounds and related risks.

Discover how Virto Commerce solves your e-commerce challenges

Virto Commerce platform feature list

  • Integrate pricing with ERP and price engines
  • Multiple price-lists​
  • Price lists for each catalog
  • B2B account-based pricing
  • Tiered pricing​
  • Sale pricing​
  • Recommended pricing
  • Personalized pricing​
  • Import/Export price list from ERP​
  • Points​
  • Bitcoin & customer currencies
  • Product promotions​
  • Customer group promotions
  • Shopping cart promotions​
  • Shipping promotions​
  • Public-use coupons​
  • Limited-use coupons​
  • Private-use coupons​
  • Build custom promotions engine​
  • Personalized banners
  • Manage promo content
  • Manage promo placeholders
  • Flexible publishing conditions
  • Cross-sell products​
  • Up-sell products​
  • Replacement products​
  • Accessories​
  • Featured products​
  • Recently viewed products
  • Product comparison​
  • Integratable with AI recommendation engines
Customer Profile​
  • Account registration​
  • Profile attributes​
  • Log in under the same user to different companies
  • Address book​
  • Payment methods​
  • Subscriptions​
  • Passwords​
  • Orders​
  • Invoice PDF​
  • Segmentation​
  • Login on behalf​
  • Customer self-management​
  • Social login
  • Master & virtual catalogs​
  • Categories​
  • Multiple languages​
  • Multiple currencies​
  • Physical products​
  • Digital products​
  • Subscription products​
  • Product properties bulk update
  • Product & category attributes
  • Virtual catalogs
  • Flexible properties inheritance
  • Product variations
  • Robust content localization
  • Categories taxonomy
  • Quick search for products by name, SKU, product code, serial number
  • Sort and filter product listing based on any attribute
Order management
  • Customer order history​
  • Search orders​
  • Define & associate documents​
  • Split order shipments​
  • Purchase orders​
  • Punchout​
  • Subscriptions​
  • Inventory tracking
  • Status update for each document type
  • Flexible document-based order structure
  • Manage fulfillment, packages, pick-up documents
  • Manage shipments documents
  • Manage additional invoices
  • Save order drafts (postponed confirmation of order changes)
  • Changing order products, prices, discounts on admin side
  • Payment history tracking
  • Refunding possibilities
  • Order details change history (logs)
  • Keep payment details (cards, links, phone numbers - optional)
  • Manage split shipments
  • Single shipment delivery of more than one order
  • Show orders status from ERP
Cart & Checkout​
  • Physical and digital orders​
  • Anonymous persistent cart​
  • Registered persistent cart​
  • Guest user checkout​
  • Subscription products​
  • Request for quote​
  • Punchout​
  • Wishlists​
  • Gift registry​
  • Tax calculations​
  • Shipping methods​
  • Payment methods​
  • Tokenized billing​
  • Order confirmation
  • Quotes​
  • Multiple carts
  • Grouping multiple carts to one order
  • Stock reservation
  • Pre-order
  • Clone order
  • Integratable with everything
  • Elastic Search
  • Azure Search
  • Google eCommerce analytics
  • PayPal
  • Avalara Tax automation
  • CyberSource
  • Authorize.Net
  • Datatrans
  • SAP
  • Dynamics AX
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics GP
  • Sage
  • Visma
  • MasterPack ERP
  • Home grown ERPs
  • Logic Apps

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