API ecommerce

Ease of B2B ecommerce integration using APIs

Virto Commerce uses a composable ecommerce approach for the backend and middleware, microservices for flexible functionality and a headless for communicating with touchpoints via API.

API ecommerce benefits

Support any sales channels

API works like a glue to connect backend and middleware to B2B, B2C, D2C channels running unique business scenarios within a true headless ecommerce architecture.

Connect to any touchpoint

GraphQL protocol can be used for integrating with touchpoints like online shopping websites, mobile apps, chatbots or any other touchpoint within omnichannel sales.

API cost savings

APIs will bring your business the flexibility it needs to meet rapidly changing customer expectations and as a method of integrating your products and services with those of partners.

Alignment with the strategy

Developers from different teams could decentralize development process while still collaborate effectively on the code base and bring new customer experience to market faster.

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Virto Commerce platform provides perfect composability approach allowing modular free-to-choice business scenarios that a company would like to make available to customers. The API-based applications collect data from the ecommerce back end, then deliver product and price data over the integration level to middleware real time services and further to a broad array of digital touchpoint front ends.

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