Enterprise Ecommerce Complex Pricing Tools

Pricing Features Built for the Complexity of B2B Digital Commerce

Why Virto?

B2B ecommerce involves complex pricing models – from contract-based pricing to tiered pricing and discounts. Virto Commerce offers the most flexible and scalable digital commerce solution available that enables you to build the pricing functionality you need. Additionally, we offer robust out-of-the-box pricing functionality to get you started.

Customize Pricing Strategies for Different Customers with Virto Commerce

Discounting & Scheduled Price Changes

There are a variety of different discounts that can be applied, and you can specify a discount for each product on your price list.

Prices can be changed based on a pre-determined schedule.

Tiered Pricing

Prices can be determined depending on product quantity purchased.

Multiple Price Lists & Custom Pricing

Include the same product in multiple price lists. Additionally, each catalog you manage can have its own price list.

Specify rules and conditions to give a pre-set price to a specific group of customers- even to individual customers.

Custom Currencies

Prices can be defined in custom currencies (bitcoin or loyalty points, for example).

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