Aerospace Aftermarket Experience

Revolution Beyond Commerce with Virto-Based B2B Customer Portal.
Aircraft case study

Client’s milestones

years of aircraft manufacturing
aircrafts delivered
active users
orders since launch
The Challenge

The 4 Challenges That Virto Resolved

After the restructuring in 2019, the company aimed beyond commerce toward excellent customer portal and commerce experiences under one roof. However, there were multiple obstacles along the way.
With Virto, the following challenges were resolved:
  • Radical Improvement of Aftermarket Customer Experience
  • Complex Permissions and Account Structure
  • Replatforming from a Monolithic Legacy System
  • Complex Integrations and Data Transfer

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The unified customer portal became a valuable asset, enabling the client to deliver an exceptional digital experience.

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The Solution

Development & Implementation

After evaluating the Virto B2B platform, one-of-a-kind Virto Atomic Architecture™, and complex permissions as out-of-the-box capability, the client’s team was confident that Virto has it all from the get-go. Virto Commerce fulfilled all the requirements of the client’s team.
The Result

The Outstanding Aftermarket B2B Customer Portal in Less than 3 months

The Virto team had less than 12 weeks for the MVP development, including the replatforming, data migration, and unified portal launch. With Virto, the client can rely on the modern ecommerce platform, which provides real business value and composable solutions.
Virto Commerce for Aircraft Case Studies

Major Aircraft Manufacturer Creates Aerospace Aftermarket and Innovates Customer Experience

Dive deeper into what the Canadian aircraft manufacturer reached after building their own customer portal with Virto Commerce. The story of technology power and easy replatforming inside.


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