Estate Spain success story

Estate Spain wanted to build an online real estate site to serve an unmet need in providing digital commerce to a specific Russian-speaking audience. When this project started in 2016, no other websites in this market provided a comprehensive site for searching, viewing, and purchasing property. The market was ripe for ecommerce disruption to provide a premium user experience.

"We selected Virto Commerce to replace our ecommerce solution because of its ability to scale quickly to other countries and languages - and for its ability to create and maintain a large property catalog. Virto allowed us to maintain 24/7 availability, which is critical to our international business." said Olga Lomko, CEO of started with a basic site builder and quickly outgrew it. They found Virto Commerce in their search for a replacement ecommerce solution that could scale with its explosive growth, offer better functionality, and provide a cleaner user experience.