Estate Spain case study

Estate Spain decided to transfer its website to Virto Commerce and uses its scalable and flexible platform to build the features and functionality needed to continue their growth

Discover how they created a comprehensive site for searching, viewing, and purchasing property, within three months! is the only niche portal that specializes in the sale of real estate in Spain to Russian-speaking clients in Russia, CIS, Baltic States, Europe and the USA. The Estate Spain catalog contains over 13,000 properties updated daily. The website has more or less 100.000 visitors, and more than 300 applications for a home purchase, in various regions of Spain, per month. Foreign buyers make up about 16% of real estate transactions in Spain.
Estate Spain wanted to build an online real estate site to serve an unmet need in providing digital commerce to a specific Russian-speaking audience. When this project started in 2016, no other websites in this market provided a comprehensive site for searching, viewing, and purchasing property.
Before finding Virto Commerce, the team initially built the site in a primary website builder and immediately saw its limitations upon launch. They decided to transfer the project to Virto Commerce and use its scalable and flexible platform to build the features and functionality needed to continue their growth.
The team transferred the current version of the front end to the new platform in three months, within budget, and on time. The solution also included a robust administrator panel. They collaborated to tackle a long list of technical requirements, business requirements, and desired features.
With Virto Commerce, we were able to launch an optimal real estate e-commerce site that uniquely positioned us in the market to serve our audience – with a premium user experience that our brand required and our users deserve.

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