Royal Brass and Hose Case Study

Royal Brass and Hose Takes Online Experience to the Next Level

Find out how Ntara and Virto Commerce transformed RB&H’s business into a self-service B2B ecommerce company by giving customers 24/7 access to select, order and track products online.

Royal Brass and Hose Takes Online Experience to the Next Level
Royal Brass and Hose

Royal Brass and Hose distributes high-quality mobile equipment products like hydraulic and pneumatic parts, hoses, fittings, fasteners, adapters and more. Their solutions, expertise and service excellence empower customer success.

RB&H challenges

The Business Need

RB&H wanted to create a self-service web experience that allows customers to select, create and manage orders online 24/7.
RB&H Solutions

The Right Solution

By selecting Virto Commerce, RB&H could offer numerous web features, including customer payment handling and alerts, targeted discounts and promotions, multiple price/rules based price lists, bulk order creation..
RB&H Results

Measuring Success

Since the Virto Commerce solution implementation RB&H has seen an 11% increase in online sales from the previous year’s pilot program. Customers now have the ability to create and manage orders directly and at their convenience.
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Selecting the right digital partner is essential. Virto Commerce offered Royal Brass and Hose an array of scalable and flexible B2B feature sets. Their technology helped us provide customers with a new, easily accessible ecommerce experience equipped with expansive product data. We couldn’t be happier with our technology partners like Virto Commerce who helped make this possible.

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