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B2B Procurement Marketplace

B2B Procurement Statistics and Trends

B2B ecommerce GMV grew twice from 2018 to 2022 and keeps growing
of buyers crave the same convenient B2B experience as B2C websites provide
of B2B buyers prefer buying online rather than contacting the seller personally
of buyers claim CX to be the most important factor for purchasing

Streamlining Business Purchasing Operations with B2B Procurement Platforms

A B2B procurement platform is a digital solution that facilitates the purchasing process. It is essential to improve overall efficiency and enable data-driven decisions. Virto B2B procurement platform is a comprehensive suite of tools and features that help businesses to create a powerful B2B eCommerce Marketplace.

  1.   Improving the efficiency of goods and services purchasing.
  3.   Saving resources and providing new cost-effective opportunities.
  5.   Ensuring easy and transparent supplier management.
  7.   Centralizing purchasing processes.
  9.   Providing greater data-driven decisions.
  11.   Ultimately driving business growth and profitability. 

Unlock Unlimited eCommerce Potential with B2B Procurement Marketplaces

Start purchasing in 5 minutes

Start purchasing in 5 minutes

Easy start and simple integration without EDI and punchout headache. Save time with the platform capabilities, which are tailored to help you launch your procurement solutions in minutes, avoiding endless coordination with vendors.
Create a custom experience

Create Amazon-like experience

Offer your unique UI/UX to your customers and provide an excellent experience with less effort. Specialized pricing, easy approvals, personal assortment, and easy purchase management — all available now.
Low Cost

Reduce procurement costs

Connect all your procurement processes to your customers in a standardized way reducing the risk of overpaying. Save on consistent processes and simple personalized pricing control, and enjoy reduced costs.
Build transparent processes

Build transparent processes

Turn tables: instead of customizing it for internal suppliers, build unified and consistent processes for all vendors on your platform. Better control, easier management, and quick issue solving will bring success.

Virto B2B Procurement Platform Enhances Customer Experiences Across the Board

B2B Enterprises and Public Agencies

Managing different supplier contracts and procure-to-pay processes in multiple systems is challenging. All documents must be consistent and compliant; supplier relationships and management take a lot of resources.




A unified contract for all business partners in a modern digital procurement marketplace. Buyers and sellers get a standardized shopping experience through a single multi-supplier interface.




  • ● Enhanced compliance and transparency
  • ● Reduced purchasing costs
  • ● Easier contract management
  • ● Streamlined operations in a single interface
Procurement for B2B Enterprises and Public Agencies
Subsidy from the Government for Low-income Families

Government Subsidy for Low-income Families

People with complex socio-economic backgrounds face challenges accessing public information and purchasing subsidized goods. The process is slow due to paper-based systems, multiple websites, and manual procedures. Request processing is expensive and messy.




The digital marketplace for subsidized products enables citizens to purchase from approved suppliers easily, while suppliers can control it all.




  • ● Perfect user experience for citizens
  • ● Automated validation process
  • ● Enhances compliance and management

Office Supply and Inventory Management

Large enterprises collect orders and re-distribute many products inside the company. The process is complicated and untransparent for procurement teams. It results in errors, high request processing costs, and bad inventory management.




The internal procurement systems allow getting products and services in an intuitive Amazon-like style. The marketplace is integrated with internal systems that guarantee quick and cost-efficient request processing in real time.




  • ● Accurate, cheap, and predictable request processing
  • ● Low effort for employees
  • ● Improved inventory and spend management
Office Supply and Inventory Management
Group Purchasing for Large Projects

Group Purchasing for Large Projects

GPOs embrace contractors of all sizes. Small contractors face challenges in competing with larger counterparts when dealing with material suppliers and holding source-to-pay processes.




The group procurement platforms enable all customers to collectively act as a single buyer, securing the best prices, real-time monitoring of supply contract execution, and guaranteed price transparency.




  • ● Fair pricing for all contractors
  • ● Enhanced budget control and transparency
  • ● Distribution of invested funds among all participants
  • ● More competitive environment
Press Release

Virto powers OMNIA Partners' next-gen procurement solution OPUS

Read about Virto Commerce’s strategic partnership with OMNIA Partners in a groundbreaking launch of the next-generation procurement solution OPUS that supports and unifies very large catalogs of +100 million SKUs.

The Reasons You Need a B2B Procurement Tool

Amazon-like experience for all
Quick start and easy integrations
Optimized costs and reduced investments
Transparency of all processes in all steps

Why Launch a B2B Procurement Marketplace: Key Benefits and Insights

Make Your Customers Happy

Get a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey and enhance it continuously.


  • ✓ Personalized assortment
  • ✓ Specific pricing
  • ✓ Enhanced cart checkout
360-degree view of your customer’s journey
Vendor Control

Enhance Your Vendor Control

Make it all transparent and convenient.


  • Quick approval and purchase management
  • Easy self-management for vendors
  • Quick vendor onboarding

Optimize Your Processes

Сollect all the product data with their unique SKUs in one system. Avoid duplicates. Control it all.


  • Full control of all warehouses with procurement functions
  • Integrations with logistics, warehouse management control, ERPs
  • All goods and services have comprehensive data with many details
Vendor Control

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