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B2B Procurement Moves to Total Digitalization

B2B ecommerce GMV grows twice from 2018 to 2022 and is expected to keep growing
of buyers crave the same convenient B2B experience as B2C websites provide 
of B2B buyers prefer buying online rather than contacting seller personally

Unlock Unlimited eCommerce Potential with B2B Procurement Marketplaces

ERP and eCommerce Integration Flexibility

Build greater SEO and searching opportunities for bigger sales

The whole procurement process starts with searching! Make this process easier and skyrocket your customer CX.
B2B Online Store or Marketplace: Handle Any eCommerce

Form agile supply chains and easy-to-control processes

Connect all your procurement processes to your customers and third-party systems (e.g., logistics suppliers). Get more control from the warehouse to the customer's door. 
Next-Gen Platform for B2B, B2C or B2X

Provide easier customization and enhanced customer experience

With the modern B2B platform capabilities, you can offer your unique UI/UX to your customers, build a whole procurement ecosystem, and provide an excellent experience with less effort. 
Faster Launch & Open Source Approach

Enjoy easy scaling

By choosing first-in-class B2B platforms like Virto, you get unlimited capabilities for scaling, integrations, data transferring, and more: all for your future business growth. 

Discover B2B Procurement Marketplace Features & Benefits

Essential features and functions of your future B2B procurement marketplace
Well-built purchasing processes

Use different payment methods to make your transactions flexible. Sell in different regions due to multi-currency support.

Customization capabilities

Segment your customers and provide personalized pricing with convenient pricelists. Use bulk pricing to speed up your operations.

Enhanced security

Keep your personal and sensitive information on trusted hostings and servers. Build personal workspaces for different clients.

Flexible UI/UX features

Choosing quality, quantity, and additional supplies is really convenient. Ease up your search features with filtering and sorting. Add additional steps at the check-out stage if needed.

Unique industry-related features

Organize role-based access for different roles on the buyer’s side. Track your purchasing history. Create any features your business needs.

eProcurement Software Systems — Meaning and TOP 11 eProcurement Solutions Review

Which tool do you use to manage your eProcurement? Read our article to learn more about eProcurement software and B2B procurement examples.

Virto Commerce b2b e-procurement examples

Why is Having a B2B Procurement Platform Beneficial?

Make Your Customers Happy

  • Personalized offers
  • Easy search
  • Opportunity to compare options
  • Easy ordering process

Not only the website UX itself plays a crucial role in your clients’ experience.


With all those integrations, you can get a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey and enhance it continuously.

Good both for you and your clients.


Сollect all the product data with their unique SKUs in one system. Avoid duplicates. Control it all. 

Manage Warehouses Easily

  • Full control of all warehouses and the number of products left.

  • Integrations with logistics, warehouse management control, and ERPs

  • Each product has comprehensive data with many details, easy to reconfigure

Make a Purchasing Process Convenient Both for Buyers and Sellers

It’s a win-win strategy! Automate most of the steps in a purchasing process with a B2B procurement platform.
Purchasing steps
Old-Fashioned Procurement
B2B Procurement Marketplace
Recognition  Mostly manual Automated 
Purchase requisition Mostly manual Automated 
Review of request  Mostly manual Partly automated 
Budget approval  Mostly manual Manual 
Quotation request  Mostly manual Automated 
Negotiations & Contract  Mostly manual Partly automated 
Shipping/receiving goods  Mostly manual Automated 
Invoicing/Payment  Mostly manual Automated 
Document exchange  Mostly manual Partly automated 

The Reasons You Need a B2B Procurement Marketplace

Virto is an expert in B2B e-procurement software building and B2B procurement services. Here’s what you get by ordering a B2B Marketplace for Procurement from Virto.
Smooth and smart workflows
Automated purchasing processes
Optimized supply chain mechanisms
Seamless integrations and a stable workflow

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What Is a Procurement Marketplace

A procurement marketplace is simply a B2B marketplace tailored for easier communication between suppliers and buyers. Always related to a specific area of expertise and built in accordance with all buyers' expectations, procurement marketplaces became a perfect intermediary between major providers and smaller businesses.

What is a B2B procurement platform

The meaning of a procurement platform (B2B use) is a bit wider than just a website for purchasing products. While the procurement marketplace is a core feature of a B2B procurement platform, the platform itself also features a strong backend firmly connected to all inner and outer systems to provide automation to all steps of the B2B procurement process. 

What is B2B procurement

Here is a B2B procurement definition. While there is no exact B2B procurement definition, procurement in B2B is the process of providing your goods to buyers as a supplier or getting these products from your supplying vendor in bulk. B2B procurement can be direct and indirect. Procurement platforms can support both types.

What is a direct procurement

It means buying products that have a key meaning for producing the company’s main products. It is related to end clients and revenue. 


Purchasing the materials or ingredients of your main product. 

What is an indirect procurement

Buying supplying products that don’t affect end clients or revenue directly. 


Purchasing office supplies or consumables like ink, drinking water, and more. 

What is a B2B procurement process?

B2B Procurement Marketplace Flow:

Step 1. The client finds and selects products. 

Step 2. The client places an order. 

Step 3. The order is confirmed and shipped.

What is a B2B procurement forecast?

B2B ecommerce Gross Merchandise Value grows twice from 2018 to 2022 and is expected to keep growing 

80% of buyers crave the same convenient B2B experience as B2C websites provide 

91% of B2B buyers prefer buying online