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Learn how Forte Digital and Virto Commerce created a headless, modular, scalable solution to meet very specific business needs for now and in the future.

Learn About Flokk Case Study

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Discovering the Goal
The main challenge was to improve the way its current base of dealers sold Flokk’s products and to add a B2C revenue component. Flokk’s goal was to expand into new revenue streams and enhance the digital customer experience for B2B and B2C channels.
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Partner Forte Digital and client Flokk assessed their digital goals and concluded a new ecommerce platform was a necessity. They were looking for a headless, modular, scalable solution to meet very specific business needs and could support a large amount of possible product variants and configurations.
Exceeding the Goal
The product configurator is now widely used by Flokk’s sales, customers, dealers, and other end users. Using Virto Commerce’s ecommerce components to expand into digital channels helped dealers and consumers improve their commerce experience and drastically improved how their products can be sold overall.

A Few Words From Our Client


Virto Commerce has made it possible for us to have a digital presence within B2B and B2C while supporting other needs from the organization, such as price list creation. Though we have a complex structure in our product data, Virto Commerce is user-friendly and fast—making it easy for everyone using the tool.


 Martina Winsell
Martina Winsell, eCommerce Manager
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